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Actress Surekha Vani To Get Re-Married?

Actress Surekha Vani To Get Re-Married?

It is known to entire world around how singer Suneetha got remarried with the consent and initiation of her children. Now an actress is apparently taking the similar route. 

It seems that the decision of Suneetha's children moved  Surekha Vani's daughter Supreeta. 

Surekha Vani's husband died of illness in the year 2019 and since then the actress is living as single mother with her daughter.

She is a talented actress and at the same time looks many years younger than her actual age. There are fans to this actress on par with that of any other heroine. 

Sunitha's marriage was received positively by the society. Now Surekha Vani's daughter is encouraging her mother to get remarried it seems. 

If everything goes well and if a prospective person comes to her life, Surekha Vani may also get married in the presence of her daughter.

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