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Trade Talk: 'Pushpa' Wins The Box Office This Week

Trade Talk: 'Pushpa' Wins The Box Office This Week

Allu Arjun-Sukumar combo 'Pushpa' though opened to mixed response has made a spectacular show at the box office.

Almost all the centers have run houseful shows but the collections are pretty good in Telangana and other parts except Andhra Pradesh owing to the ticket prices and strict regulations on the number of shows per day. 

The film made a share of Rs 28 Cr in Naizam in the first weekend itself while the total investment was Rs 36 Cr. So, it needs a good run for another week to make a breakeven. This impressive figure is the biggest one ever recorded after Bahubali in this span of time.

But in AP, the film was marketed at Rs 48 Cr but could collect only Rs 26 Cr share by the end of first weekend. So it has a long way to go for the breakeven.

Coming to the other big film of the week 'Spider Man' it has made good collections at the multiplexes in cities. The traction is still going on and it stood as the big Hollywood performer at the local box office.

The third one in the list is 'Akhanda' which is still running better in a few theaters across the two states. The film was declared to be a hit with regard to the collections ever seen in Balakrishna's career in some centers.


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