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    Talk: Fans Upset With Balakrishna's Acts
    Balakrishna is the actor with a legacy. He has his own identity as the top star on screen and a notable figure in Andhra Pradesh politics.
    Krithi Shetty Lost Bollywood Offer With Ego?
    Krithi Shetty, the new actress who shot to fame with Uppena is getting enough offers from the Telugu Film Industry.
    Buzz: Niharika's Husband Missing in Picture
    Many rumours and assumptions are made about celebrities based solely on the photos they post on social media and the content of their Instagram feeds.
    Buzz: Superhit Director In Waiting Tension
    Not being able to start a second film after a flop can be understood. But there are directors who are struggling to bring their subsequent film on to the sets in spite of scoring a big hit.
    Balakrishna Kept These Two Heroes Away
    The season of Unstoppable-2 is almost coming to an end. All the top range heroes like Bunny, Prabhas and Mahesh Babu were already invited except the two- NTR and Megastar.
    Buzz: Bad Time Chasing Rashmika Mandanna?
    Not all the time proves to be good for everyone. Sometimes, even bad times invade everybody's professional or personal life.
    Buzz: Heroine And Director Moving Together?
    It is a common factor to see heroes and heroines moving together with friendship. But these days the heroines are showing more interest in the directors.
    Buzz: Samantha Requests a Leave Extension!
    Samantha was diagnosed with Myositis, a rare autoimmune disease. She thought she was on the way to recovery, but new reports indicate that her recovery is taking longer than expected.
    Is Rashmika Scared Of Going To Karnataka?
    Netizens in Karnataka targeted Rashmika Mandanna who also hails from the same state.
    Sreeleela Beats Many Heroines With Remuneration
    Sreeleela will have her second Telugu release next week. She is in high demand despite having only one release to her credit.
    Good News Related To Prabhas' Personal Life?
    There is an indication that something interesting has come out in the interview of Balakrishna with Prabhas and Gopichand on his Unstoppable show.
    Raja Ravindra Behind Raj Tharun's Villa?
    Owning a good house or a villa is considered to be the first successful step for anybody's life.
    Gossip: Senior Hero Hooked To Pooja Hegde?
    Bollywood is a place where the gossip spreads like wildfire at every moment. The link ups between heroes and heroines is quite a common thing here.
    Adivi Sesh's Remuneration Jumps Up To Rs 8 Cr?
    Adivi Sesh is a unique actor in Telugu Film Industry who never scored a flop with his recent ventures.
    Sanjay Dutt Asks Rs 10 Cr For Telugu Film?
    Sanjay Dutt, the senior Bollywood actor was asked for a role in Sekhar Kammula-Dhanush film