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    Buzz: Trivikram Reworking On NTR28 Script?
    Star director Trivikram got a huge jolt with the failure of Agnyaathavaasi. The failure has done more damage to Trivikram’s brand value more than anybody.
    How Agynaatavassi's Editing Went Haywire
    For the film Agynaathavaasi, Trivikram Srinivas had shoot footage of a whopping 4 hours and the plan was to edit the best parts for premium output.
    Exclusive: Rs 90 Lakh For His Costumes Alone
    Normally, what do we call a small film? Any movie made on a budget of, say Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 2 crore? Anything from perhaps, Rs 50 lakh to Rs 2 crore?
    Buzz: Agnyaathavaasi Settlements Soon
    Disasters are not new to film industry. There have been number of instances where the buyers and distributors have faced huge losses thanks to over expectations.
    Exclusive: All Rise For Trivikram
    An interesting thing about Trivikram Srinivas was revealed recently when a director went to the office of Haarika and Hassine Creations to meet the producer.
    Exclusive: Pawan Kalyan Sporting Sacred Thread?
    Jandhyam (sacred thread) is generally sported by Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vysya communities. While it is a must for Brahmins and Vysyas to wear it round the clock, Kshatriyas (Rajus) wear it during holy rituals and funeral rites.
    Trivikram Leaves Theatre Mid-Way
    Struggling days would have been way better for Trivikram than what he could be going through right now.
    Can Agnyaathavaasi pull $1.5M from premiere?
    Pawan Kalyan’s “Agnyaathavaasi” is the first big movie this year. This Trivikram directed romantic entertainer has generated huge hype, it has also got highest number of screens in many areas.
    Poonam Behind Kathi Questions?
    Well, there is a saying that anything is fair in love and war. Now, for a long time, Poonam Kaur has been claiming that she is an ardent fan of Pawan Kalyan.
    Hero-Heroine Break Up, Move On
    It is no secret that hero Raj Tarun and heroine Hebbah Patel dated each other for more than a year.
    Character Actress Too Friendly with Makers
    She is one of the busiest character actresses in Tollywood right now. As actresses like Pragati and Sudha have lost prominence, this former heroine has become most sought after character actress for the roles of mother to hero or heroine.
    Allu Arvind-Agnyathavaasi Controversy
    Well, what's the link between Allu Arvind and Agnyathavaasi? Barring Pawan Kalyan who is related to Allu Arvind, there is no other connection.
    Agnyaathavaasi Team Ready with Caveat?
    'Agnyaathavaasi' is ready to hit the screens on 10th January worldwide but the team's blood pressure rose when the media reports about the plagiarism cropped up.
    Shocking: Rs 10 Cr Jolt To Agnyathavaasi?
    One story that has been doing rounds for some time now is about Trivikram being heavily inspired by the French Film Largo Winch for his latest film Agnyathavaasi.
    Nagarjuna Approached For YSR Biopic?
    The latest hot speculation doing the rounds in the industry is that a biopic is being planned on the life of YS Rajasekhar Reddy and Mahi V Raghav of Anando Brahma fame will be directing it.