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    Dil Raju's New Tensions With Vakeel Saab
    Dil Raju produced several films. He was never seen feeling tensed about any release. But now, the sources say that he is a bit nervous as the release time of "Vakeelsaab" is approaching.
    Samantha's Shocking Remuneration For 'Sakunthalam'
    Some figures sound shocking for the common man. But the market sets some figures for the big stars.
    Sukumar Bags Mind Blowing Share From 'Uppena'
    Director Sukumar earned Rs 17-18 Cr just for encouraging his protege by providing him the hero and doing some promotion for his film.
    Acharya Not Releasing On May 13?
    According to the first hand information, Acharya is not releasing as per the scheduled date that is May 13.
    Anushka's Strong Decision Regarding Her Body
    Actress Anushka Shetty has taken a strong decision with regard to her body. She said that she is not going to act again until she turns slim.
    Directors Jumping From Apartments To Villas
    The focus of the directors is only on villas. If they score a hit, then they get huge remunerations. With that they are bidding an adieu for apartment life and shifting to villas.
    Two People Quit From Balakrishna's Movie
    Ram-Laxman are the ace fight masters those compose fights in tune with the taste of Telugu audience.
    Actress Trying Hard to Showcase Her Assets!
    Every actress tends to flaunt her curves. Some show off their cleavage part, others their toned legs and naval part.
    RRR Overseas Buyers In Trouble
    Rajamouli's RRR shoot is going on in brisk pace. The idea of the makers is to release the film for this Dasara 2021.
    Next Mega Star In Making?
    Inviting a Chief Guest for a film event is so common. When big celebrities take part in any such event, the movie gets better attention from the media and eventually the public.
    NTR bought brand new luxury car for Rs 5 cr?
    It is a known fact that top Tollywood hero N T Rama Rao has a penchant for luxury cars. Any new brand car that enters the market, NTR used to buy it.
    Writer Unhappy And Questioned The Director
    Generally the director is the supreme commander for all the technicians working for a film. But sometimes, the scene gets reversed based on the reputation of the writer and the director.
    Tollywood Becomes Expensive After Lockdown
    The post lockdown season in Tollywood seems to have become more expensive. The producers are quoting very high prices to the distributors.
    Director And Heroine In 'Relation'?
    Hero and heroine pair up on screen and that is quite normal. Sometimes the heroine pairs up with the director off screen.
    Buzz: Director's Special Attention To Heroine
    This has been a common aspect that any director who likes some of his artistes, tends to elevate their character by adding more interesting scenes for them.