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YSRCP, UK organised Protests in London for United AP

YSR Congress, Europe wing organised a protest in front Indian High commission, London against the unfair and uni-lateral division of Andhra Pradesh.  

The protest went for half a day with many NRI telugus along with other NRI supporters other states attending the protest. 

NDTV and Telugu media covered the event. 

NDTV conducted a debate on the division, Sreekanth Lingala, President, YSRC UK wing, YLN Reddy co-oridnator United Andhra Union, Janardhan Reddy, president, YSRCP, South East and Midlands, Deepak Aggarwal, an Indian British businessman participated in the debate. 

Sreekanth Lingala mentioned that people of Seemandhra on the roads for last 70 days and struggling to digest the unfair and unilateral division of the state with sole intention on making Rahul Gandhi as PM and without addressing the issues. 

Speaking on this occasion YLN Reddy, say why Congress party is in so hurry in dividing the state without a resolution in Assembly and this shows the opportunistic politics played by the Congress party. 

Janardhan Reddy, Shyam and Deepak Aggarwal voiced that there will not an end if congress kept on dividing states for electoral benefits, this will weakens the democratic system as a whole and this is not good for future generations.

Europe YSR Congress core committee Srekanth Lingala, YLN Reddy, Bhupathi Raju Seetha Ramaraju, Janardhan Chintapati, Jayabharath, Koushik  Sunkara, Siva Reddy Levaka, Sreekanth Alladu, Vijay Ravuri, Praveen Raju, Harish Vemparala and Prasad Reddy organised the event.

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