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Visitors Insurance for Parents Visiting the USA

Visitors Insurance for Parents Visiting the USA

If your loved ones are planning to visit you in the U.S. from India, now's the time to prepare more than your house for your guests' arrival.

Purchasing visitor insurance even for short-term visits is one of the smartest decisions you can help your parents or other family make.

No matter what country your visitors reside in or what type of health insurance coverage they have at home, they'll still need protection while they're in the U.S.

Why Purchase Visitor Insurance?
A medical emergency in the U.S. can end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. A single ambulance ride is often $1,500 or more, and a medical emergency resulting in a long-term hospital stay could cost as much as $1 million. Health Insurance for Visitors in USA makes sense. It could make all the difference between a financial disaster and a minor bump in the road for parents visiting their children in America.

What Types of Visitor Health Insurance Are Available?
In general, there are two main types of visitor health insurance: comprehensive coverage plans and fixed coverage plans. How do you know which option is best? Keep reading to find out!

Fixed Coverage Plans: These plans typically have predetermined limits covering specific medical expenses. This is the most affordable type of policy, but it only pays a certain fixed amount for the covered benefit, and you may end up paying more from your pocket. The Insurance Company’s policy/brochure will have a list of these benefits.

Comprehensive Coverage Plans: As the name suggests, comprehensive coverage plans offer a wider scope of coverage. A comprehensive plan typically covers a large percentage (up to 100%) of medical bills after a deductible has been met. Comprehensive policies tend to have higher premiums, but they offer the most robust coverage, especially for the elderly.

How Do You Know Which Policy Is Right For You?
Navigating your options can be difficult when you're trying to figure out which visitor medical insurance you need. Here's how to shop smart, no matter what type of policy you choose to purchase.

- Understand your terms. The insurance documents are full of specialized language, so if you're not sure what "deductible" means, what a copay refers to, or how in-network/out-of-network plans work, brush up on those terms now. Need a quick overview? A deductible is the amount of money you'll have to pay before your insurance starts paying. A copay or copayment is the amount of money you'll owe alongside the amount the insurance company pays out. And depending on your insurance policy, you may need to see an in-network physician (a doctor who's a member of your insurance company's network) or get a referral from your doctor or pre-approval from your insurance company if an out-of-network provider is needed.

- Ask lots of questions. There are no stupid questions when it comes to researching your policy options. Don't hesitate to ask whatever you need to know, even if you feel the answer is probably obvious. Navigating insurance options isn't easy, and the jargon regularly stumps U.S. citizens, as well.

- Insurance Brochure/Policy: Review the Insurance Carrier policy/brochure to know more about plan features, exclusions, limitations, and other critical details.

Rest Easy Knowing You're Covered
When you're not worried about unforeseen medical expenses throwing a wrench into your trip, you'll be able to enjoy your visit without unsettling what-ifs occupying your thoughts. Travel Insurance for USA is an investment in your peace of mind as well as a backup plan in case you have a medical need.

It doesn't cost as much as you might think, and it guarantees you (or your visiting parents) will have the support you need if something goes awry. Still, have questions? Don't hesitate to call us today! We'd love to help make sure your parents have the answers they need before they take off on their next adventure.

At Visitors Guru, we have helped many travelers shop for satisfactory and affordable visitor medical insurance plans that will help protect them when they travel far away from home.

We have a wide range of Travel Health Insurance Plans from US-based carriers.

We also have a virtual doctor plan that lets you speak to a doctor 24/7 at just $11 a month.

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