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Urgency for OPT to find H-1B employers Immediately

Urgency for OPT to find H-1B employers Immediately

Looking at past data, demand for the H-1B has steadily increased over the years.

Urgency for OPT to find H-1B employers Immediately.

FY 2020 - 201,011
FY 2019 - 190,098
FY 2018 - 199,000
FY 2017 - 236,000
FY 2016 - 233,000
FY 2015 - 172,000
FY 2014 - 124,000

This year H-1B will have a new online preregistration system, that requires Petitioners to pay a mandatory $10 fee for each registration submitted to USCIS and chances of more H-1B being registered.

Online registration can open up anytime within 30 days notice hence OPT students need to narrow down employers at the earliest.

It may seem too early to be thinking about FY21 April 2020 cap filings, but the new changes require significant pre-planning that should be reviewed by employers well before the launch of the initial registration period expected to begin on or before mid-March 2020.

The registration period will last a minimum of 14 calendar days, but the actual start date for the initial registration period is unclear. Hence the potential hire decisions and job offers need to be made soon to avoid last minute rush.

Once the registration period closes, the USCIS will conduct a random selection process (if petitions submitted are beyond 85,000), and only those employer petitioners chosen will be eligible to file H-1B petitions after the April 1 filing date.

Due to the increased demand for the H-1B, it is important that employers evaluate their employee populations early to ensure that all petitions are submitted by the earliest possible date.

Job search process is challenging for International student and it becomes even more difficult when faced with work visa sponsorship issues.F1 students who are on OPT/ graduating in Fall should narrow down sponsoring Employers immediately to make sure they have enough time to successfully register for online registration.

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