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Travel Bag is an Amazing app with creative Idea

Travel Bag is an Amazing app with creative Idea

Technology in day to day life and in your palm!! Looking at Travel Bag, this is what will come to your mind!!

No matter how digital we can get in sharing documents, there is some document that needs to be carried physically and your schedules will not always permit or will not meet the urgency of need. You might be travelling with extra space in your cabin bag or luggage and want to cover for some of the costs of your journey. Travel Bag connects people with matching situations.

As the size of the Indian diaspora across the world has grown many-fold, leaving behind aging parents. With challenging careers, it is not always possible to go visit them. This create the situation where parents, at times the single parent is required to travel. Having someone with them to navigate through check-in, customs, immigration, and customs is a great comfort.

Travel bag comes into your rescue and helps locate travelers who can accompany your parents, at no cost or minimal cost.

The convenience of using travel bag doesn't end there! With your friends and family living in India, there are constant needs of goods being carried to or from, which can’t be shipped without being lost or damaged!

Travel bag helps locate travelers who have some extra space and carry valuable goods, at a fraction of shipping cost and increased safety to the goods.

This app (TravelBag) is bound to fill the void in that domain of services!!

Please Download and Install Travel Bag App:

For IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/travel-bag/id1472146122

For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.travelbag

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