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TPAD's Community event - Anthakshari Competition

Dallas,TX: Telangana Peoples Association of Dallas(TPAD) Community events – “Anthakshari Competition”.

TPAD (non-profit organization) has a vision based on core principles “Inspiration, Interaction & Inclusion”.

Preserve the Culturally rich Telangana identity. Preserve and promote classic and ancient Telugu language to next generations.

Celebrate Telangana festivals in an integrated & inclusive manner. Preserve & promote rich heritage and family values to next generations.

Support charity in the country of residence (United States) and in the State of Telangana in India. Facilitate business and professional networking.

"Anthakshari show" was conducted at Collin County Community College, Frisco, TX.

The never tiring team of TPAD is making its presence felt in the community. Within a span of 30 days, they have conducted several community events, besides catering to the preparations for their upcoming Bathukamma and Dasara  to be held on 27th September.

Within a span of two weeks,  TPAD has conducted blood drive directly helping to save several lives, immediately followed by Bahukamma workshop. Closely on the heels of the above two events, they came up with an innovative and  interactive way of bringing people together, the fun filled Anthakshari.

The participants of Antyakshari were welcomed by Mr.Rao Kalavala, Chair of Advisory Committee of TPAD.  Mr Rao reiterated the goals of TPAD and announced the community services under taken by TPAD.

Mrs. Sharada Singireddy started the event by sharing her thoughts about the power of music and the uniqueness of ‘Anthyakshari Show’. She explained about the rounds in the show and winning criteria.

On behalf of TPAD, the ‘Anthakshari’ coordinators Mallik Diwakarla,Ramesh Narani, judges Srujana Aduri, Ramam Devaraj, Anchor Shanti Nuti, and Time Keeper Sinduri Monishetty all were introduced with flower bouquets.

Instead of traditional ‘Anthakshari’ which involves singing songs starting with the ending word of the preceding song, this was conducted in a completely new way,  by using remixes of audio/video. All the rounds were also named innovatively, each of them challenging the participants’ memory and awareness of movie songs. 

A round called "Achulo Hallo'" – requires singing using the achchu (vowel) sound than regular letters, "Reverse Gear' - identifying and singing the song that is played in reverse, "Dappu Vini Cheppu' - interlude music, "Pallavi pattu, Charanam Cheppu" - remix of pallavi and charanam from two different songs and so on. Though it was quite tough and complex, the  knowledgeable participants have traced down the lyrics and it was a close contest between the teams, which finally had a winner and runner team.

Fifteen teams have participated, with each team consisting of three singers. The program reverberated with each and every song from those teams. The results of Anthyakshari conducted were declared:

Winners: Anand Casavaraju, Chaitanya Pelluri, Kalpana Pakantati
Runners: Ramya Janapareddy, Swati Kaparthi, Mahesh Adibhatla.
Audience Winners: Sateesh Punnam, Dr.Urmindi Narasimha Reddy, Kalayani Tadimeti, Venkat Mullukutla, Srinivasa.

The melodious voice of the participants was like the icing on the cake.

TPAD founder members Raghuveer Bandaru, Raj Gondhi and Executive committee members Pavan Gangadhara, Raj Madhavi SunkiReddy, Raj Todigala, Venkata Kiran, Srini Gangadhara, and Anand Katroju have coordinated the logistics of the event.

The program was concluded with vote of thanks by Upendar Telugu and announcement of the mega event TPAD’s Bathukamma and Dasara Sambaralu on Saturday, September 27th  and Invitation to the entire DFW Telugu community by Ram Annadi on behalf of TPAD.

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