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TPAD: Red Cross Blood Drive & Bathukamma Flower Arrangement

TPAD Community events – Red Cross Blood Drive & Bathukamma Flower Arrangement workshop for youth

Dallas,TX September -1st – Telangana Peoples Association of Dallas(TPAD) Community events – Red Cross Blood Drive & Bathukamma Flower Arrangement workshop for youth.

TPAD (non-profit organization) has a vision based on core principles “Inspiration, Interaction & Inclusion”.

Preserve the Culturally rich Telangana identity. Preserve and promote classic and ancient Telugu language to next generations. Celebrate Telangana festivals in an integrated & inclusive manner. Preserve & promote rich heritage and family values to next generations. Support charity in the country of residence (United States) and in the State of Telangana in India. Facilitate business and professional networking.

With its abundant pool of dedicated volunteers, TPAD delivered community events in the form of Blood Donation campaign, which spells immense value to the community and Bathukamma Flower Arrangement workshop for youth.

TPAD conducted Blood drive in collaboration with RED CROSS, which provided the expertise for the blood extraction and handling. About 50 people turned up, exceeding the expectations of the organizers, forcing the Red Cross team to bring in additional staff to cope up with the rush. The blood draw and post blood draw recuperation facility for the donors was provided by one of the founder members of TPAD, Raghuveer Bandaru, in his sprawling office building. 

TPAD executive team lead by Madhavi SunkiReddy, Sharada SunkiReddy, Pavan Gangadhara, Sateesh Janumpalli, Raj Todigala, Sudhakar Kalasani, Srini Gangadhara and Ram Annadi coordinated the event.

The TPAD founding members Ajay Reddy, Rao Kalvala, Upender Telugu, Vijay Pitta, Raghuveer Bandaru, Mahendar Kamireddy, Janaki Mandadi, and Raj Gondhi guided the planning of these events.

The young volunteers Sanjana Janumpally, Lalithya Mukteneni and Avani Sunkireddy have displayed immense dedication and commitment towards helping the blood donors in lining them up and making them feel comfortable through the process.

"Bathukamma Flower Arrangement Workshop" was conducted by TPAD’s Bathukamma committee under the leadership of Sharada Singireddy. The participants and their parents were warmly welcomed by Madhavi Sunkireddy.

A briefing on BATHUKAMMA festival to be celebrated on September 27 was made by Manju Reddy Muppidi. Speaking on the celebrations the children were explained on the importance of the BATHUKAMMA festival and 'BODDEMMA' (The youngest form of BATHUKAMMA).  A model of BODDEMMA was made out of clay at the workshop conducted and clay was used in the place of mud. It is also explained about   how to decorate BATHUKAMMA with different colorful flowers and green leaves and how to keep the balance of the arrangement in a plate laying, layer by layer. The Children got excited in making the arrangements in helping arranging of the flowers.
The participants were explained about the offerings/naivedyam to goddess Gowri.

In all the nine days of festive each day making dishes of -  Corn,Sorghum,Bajra, Green Gram, Ground Nuts,Sesame,Wheat,LemonRice,Curd Rice. In the workshop children were shown the basic ingredients. in their original form and also the process of preparation of the offerings to the goddess Gowri.

A committee comprising Sridevi Nuvvula, Padmasree Thota, Saritha Ganaparthy, Prasanna Kotta, Sridevi Perkari, Sumana Bingi, Geetha Kalvala, Sangeetha Telugu, Jaya Patel involved in this workshop.
Along with the making of BATHUKAMMA the participants were also trained by Monika Dogra in this flower arrangement workshop in traditional Japanese flower arrangement  known as "Ikebana",  and other flower arrangement forms like  "A basket bouquet", "Single stem bouquet", "Small bouquet", "Paper Pouches technique"  for making flower bouquets. This Workshop was conducted to the children to implant the heritage and culture of our traditional way of leaving along with how they can contribute with sharpening their skills of beautifying in making flower arrangements for all celebrations where ever they participate.

Sharada Singireddy along with the TPAD advisory committee, Executive committee concluded this event thanking all the parents, Gideon Center, Media Sponsors  6TV,DP TV.

TPAD has set an example with its commitment to serve the local community, along with promoting the cultural traditions of Indian and Telugu culture of sharing and caring.

TPAD in association with TDF is organizing Bathukamma-Dasara Sambaralu on September 27th, 2014 at oakpoint Amphitheater, Plano,Texas.

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