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Telangana: An Untold Truth About Secunderabad

We keep telling Pro-Telangana guys that all regions were part of Hyderabad state for 250 years until Nizam leased/ceded Coastal & Seema regions to British towards the end of 18th century and the revenue from diamond mines in Coastal & Seema is instrumental in the development of Hyderabad. 

But they don't listen. 

They very conveniently consider the history only from the beginning of the 19th century during which time Coastal & Seema were under British instead of Nizam's Hyd state. 

Hence, as per them Coastal & Seema have no right on Hyderabad. 

If that is the case, as per their own logic, they have no right on Secunderabad. Why? Here is the untold truth. 

Secunderabad was founded in 1806AD by British and was directly developed & administered directly by British with revenues from Coastal & Seema areas and not under Nizam's Hyderabad state. 

So, as per pro-Telangana groups own argument, they also have no right on something that was never under Nizam's Hyderabad state.

Friends, Pro-Telangana groups want to hide not just developmental figures but many untold truths like this from people. That's why they dread any meaningful discussions and foil them with threats and violence. But in the end, truth always prevails. 

ASAP, USA (Association for Samaikya Andhra Pradesh, USA)
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