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TEA - Youth Workshop 2020 was a Grand Success

TEA - Youth Workshop 2020 was a Grand Success

TEA - Telugu Entrepreneurs' Association ("TEA") Dallas chapter conducted another successful workshop TEA-youth entrepreneurship for High School Students from 9th grade to 12th grade students. This workshop started on January 12 and ended on February 16, 2020.

Each session is about three hours which was conducted at Shri Banquet hall. Final session was pitching their business idea which was held at University of Texas at Dallas engineering auditorium which was a grand success.

TEA Youth Workshop received over whelming response from the Dallas community this year. Unfortunately, we were able to only admit 70 students for this workshop.

The main achievement for these young students through this workshop is that we were able to put a entrepreneurship seed in these young minds by introducing to highly successful entrepreneurs who have created million and billion of dollars worth corporations who live within own community.

We were thankful to them despite their busy schedules they were able to come on Sunday afternoon’s to talk these students.

In these six sessions students have formed into five members team. These teams have to come up with a business idea, business plan for that idea and roles and responsibility for each team member, like CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO etc. (in other words they have to identify a problem) and come with a solution to that problem.

Each team gets 10 minutes’ presentation and five minutes Q/A from the judges. We were all blown away by these student’s presentation and we all felt that our high school students are much better than some of the presentations that go onto CNBC TV show called Shark Tank.

Nine (9) business participants pitched their business ideas in 9 different industries to 5 successful entrepreneurial judges and several high net worth investors.

More than 150 people attended this informative event and stayed for five 5 hours. We are getting an overwhelming response from attendees saying that this is one of the most professional, informative, inspirational and encouraging event not only for other young students but also for adults

TEA-Telugu Entrepreneurs Association Dallas Chapter team worked very hard for more than two months to plan and execute this event successfully.

All this was made possible with TEA team's hard work and spending hundreds of hours together over the two months’ period.

These are the leaders who made this event possible Gurram Srinivas Reddy, Founder/Chairman, Rajendra Dharani, event Coordinator, Jags Porandla, Ravi Tandra, Roja Kasarala, Venkat Koduri, Chinni Venkateshwara, Venu Gopal Reddy Sathu, Mrudula Kattangaru, Bhuvan Pasam, Suresh Vuluvala, Shirish Tangirala, Tanuja Reddy, Sharada Singireddy, Sahshi Reddy vangala, Dr. Naren Reddy, Ms. Madhavi Sunki Reddy, Mr. Vijay Reddy, Prem Gangulakuntla, professor Jey Veeraswamy for getting the excellent auditorium for the event.

We had a highly successful and note worthy entrepreneur’s, CPA’s and professors as speakers, motivators and inspirational figures to the students who attended this workshop.

1) Mr. Satish Gupta, President and CEO SB international, Inc.
2) Mr. Abid Abedi, a serial entrepreneur who started and grew several companies like Idea solutions and I-code.
3) Mr. Sushil Patel President, State Bank of Texas
4) Mr. Adil Adi, Executive Chairman, worldlink
5) Mr. Sam Takker, CPA/CEO of Takker and Funasia  group.
6) Ms. Rashmi  Verma, CEO of innovate 5G a 5G application accelerator.
7) Ms. Poornima Prasad, Vice president HR, Tech Mahindra,
8) Mr. Jarret Cadiz, young and serial entrepreneur, started entrepreneurship at age 11, Founder, BeeMatic, Inc.
9). Mr. Niranjan Thripathy, Professor of Finance and Director of PhD Program & Research at University of North Texas.

(TEA) is a non-profit 501(c) volunteer based organization established in 2010 in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A please logon to website for more information www.teaglobal.org

TEA’s organizational goals, aims, and objectives are geared towards wealth creation through entrepreneurship. TEA focus is to Foster Entrepreneurship among Telugu community and with a special focus on fostering entrepreneurship among Youth and Woman Globally.

TEA’s Mission is to become largest pool of intellectual capital, driven by Entrepreneurship throughout the world. We want TEA that can be a brand which can be globally synonymous with Entrepreneurship.

TEA's other goals are to become a driver to boost the economies many folds in the communities where it operates. 

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