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Save Drishya from Brain Tumor

Drishya, a 6 year old girl from Guntur town of Andhra Pradesh state in India has been experiencing severe head aches and vomiting for the past few weeks.

The Biopsy and CT Scans revealed that Drishya was suffering from Craniopharyngioma (a type of brain tumor), Drishya was operated upon right away at Rainbow hospitals of Hyderabad to prevent partial blindness and stop it from being a malignant tumor, soon after the surgery she developed complications due to fluctuations in sodium levelsand now she has been put on ventilator for the past 2 weeks in Rainbow Hospitals.

Doctors are hopeful that Drishya will bounce back as long as she is kept on the ventilator till she is cured.

The cost of Drishya's surgery and keeping her on ventilator is an expensive affair and its costing the family about 100,000 INR (approx $1500 USD) per day.

The family hails from a farming community in the Guntur area of Andhra Pradesh state, Drishya's father Mr. Ramana Reddy is working as Technical Recruiter and makes 40,000 INR per month (approx $650 USD) and wife Shyamala is a house wife, Drishya also has a 4 year old younger sister. They put up their farming land for salebut no one would buy due to the drought situation in the area.

So far they have borrowed in upwards of 14,00,000 INR (approx $22,000 USD), and the expenses have no end in sight. It very hard for a middle class family to meet such expenses. 

There is hope for little Drishya's recovery but the financial burden is forcing the family to discount the days she can be kept on the ventilator.

As a last resort, we the family and friends ran out of options and are reaching out to everyone through gofundme to help our little angel Drishya with the expenses and pave a healthy, bright future for many more years to come and lead a happy life.

Your financial help will not only ease the family's financial burden but save a Life from bring cut short.

Please donate and encourage your friends and family to donate and share this campaign as much as you can as this is the only way we can reach out goal and provide some respite to this family. Even a little help would go a long way in Drishya's recovery.




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