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Satya Nadella- Now Friend, Brother And Uncle!

Though it might sound a little unlikeable the fact remains that Indians have this unusual fascination towards celebrities and someone who is famous.

And when someone from our land becomes internationally famous, the whole equation changes.

Right now, one man seems to have become the hottest topic for everyone.

He is none other than Satya Nadella, the new CEO for Microsoft. The fact that he is a Telugu guy is indeed a proud moment for all. But here is the interesting bit.

The moment Satya was announced as CEO, many are connecting themselves with him in whatever form possible. Satya hails from Hyderabad.

Currently, there are those who are busy saying that Satya is their friend, uncle etc.

In their own range they are trying to establish their connection and feeling happy about it.

Till few days ago nobody even knew who Satya was and today he has become the best person for anyone. Strange but true…



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