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Sankara Nethralaya - Flute Nagaraj musical concert

Sankara Nethralaya - Flute Nagaraj musical concert

Dear Sankara Nethralaya patrons,

As we approach mid-year, Dr. Girish Rao, Mr. S V Acharya and Mr. Bala Reddy Indurti join me in seeking your support for providing free ophthalmic services to the poorest of the poor in the Indian sub-continent. First, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support for the past four decades.

Past one and half years have been the most challenging period for the whole universe, and certainly for Sankara Nethralaya. While we felt we were over the pandemic hump, we experienced the second wave, severely affecting our patient services as well revenue.

Here are some of the recent highlights:

- On an average, Nethralaya treats 2,500 outpatients and performs 250 surgeries/day almost half of them free on poor patients. Our two Mobile Surgical Units (operation theatres on wheels – only one of its kind in Asia) have so far screened 96,778 patients and performed 17,903 surgeries in the remote villages of India.

- For the second year in a row, Newsweek magazine has named Sankara Nethralaya as one of the best 100 hospitals in the world. Our fund-raising arm in US, Sankara Nethralaya USA was given the highest rating of four stars for the third year in a row by Charity Navigator.

- Satadina Swararchana (100 days of classical concerts) organized by our Los Angeles trustee Mr. Prasad Rani concluded on April 16, 2021. 100 days of Kuchipudi dance program organized by Smt. Neelima Gaddamanagu from Atlanta successfully concluded on February 10, 2021. Sri A Jagannathan series of Carnatic music concerts organized by our EC member and trustee Mr. Sowmiya J. Narayanan from Metro DC has completed one successful year on July 4, 2021. Due to pandemic, all these events were held virtually with great success.

- Our Past President Smt. Leela Krishnamoorthy and Mr. Narayana Reddy Indurthi, trustee from Houston organized a live comedy drama by Meenakshi Theatres on May 8, 2021 in Houston.

- We are grateful to Great Andhra, Mana TV, TV Asia, Sakshi TV, TV5, US1, manaTV International and Tori for giving publicity through their media.

As part of our midyear campaign, we are organizing virtual Solo Flute Concert by Kalaaratna, Vidhwaan Mr. Nagaraju Talluri on July 25, 2021. Please enjoy this concert.

CLICK HERE!! for the promo of Sri Flute Nagaraju’s music program.

While we appreciate your support for the past four decades, we seek your continued support.

You may donate your tax-deductible contributions by credit card or by check at

Donation Schemes in USD:
Single Cataract - $65
Single Major Surgery - $250  
One day Ophthalmic Screening - $290
Rural School Screening Camp - $300
Annual Cataract Surgery - $700
Annual Major Surgery - $2,200  
Single Day 40 free surgeries - $2,600

MESU – Mobile Eye Surgical Unit - Hospital on Wheels:
MESU Adopt-a-Village up to 300 kms radius from Chennai - $12,500
MESU Adopt-a-Village up to 500 kms radius from Chennai - $15,000

In Patient and Outpatient services for the year 2019-20:
In Patient (Free) - 21017
Our patient (free) - 400791
Total - 421808

Free Surgeries for the year 2019-20:
Minor Free Surgeries - 15751
Major Free Surgeries - 5266
Total - 21017

Sankara Nethralaya USA Executive Committee - 2021:
S. V. Acharya - President Emeritus - Washington DC, Metro Area
Bala Reddy Indurti - President - Atlanta, GA
Moorthy Rekapalli - Vice President - Atlanta, GA
Srinivas Ganagoni - Secretary - New Jersey 
Banumati Ramkrishnan - Treasurer - Washington DC, Metro Area
Sowmiya J. Narayanan - Joint Secretary - Washington DC, Metro Area
Raja Krishnamurti - Joint Treasurer - Los Angeles, CA
Leela Krishnamurthy - Past President - Houston, TX

Sankara Nethralaya USA Board of Trustees - 2021:
K G Venkatraman, Past President, Washington DC - Dr. Rajendra Modi, New York
Dr. Reddy Urimindi, Dallas, TX - Srini Reddy Vangimalla, Atlanta, GA
Prasad H Rani, Los Angeles, CA - Shankar N Setty, New Jersey
Rajasekhar Aila, Detroit, MI - Ramani A Aiyer, Bay Area, CA
Prasad Bethamcherla, Detroit, MI - Krishna Raj Bhat, Washington DC, Metro Area
Parthasarathy Chakravarthy, Bay Area, CA - Ramesh B Chaparala, Atlanta, GA
Ranga Chandrasekaran, Metro, Chicago - Anand Dasari, Dallas, TX
Narayan Reddy Indurthi, Houston, TX - Dr. Bellamkonda Kishore, Salt Lake City, UT
Dr. James Kommu, Salt Lake City, UT - Meher Chand Lanka, Atlanta, GA
Piram Manickavasagam, Newark, DE - Dr. Jagannath Vedula, Austin, TX
Ravi Reddy Maraka, Newark, DE - Soma Jagadeesh Pethakamsetti, Seattle, WA
Upendra Rachupally, Atlanta, GA - Varad Rajan, Los Angeles, CA

With warm regards, BE SAFE.

Dr. S. S. Badrinath
Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya

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