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'Pained at the way they've treated us'

'Pained at the way they've treated us'

Revathy Pogadadanda, the ex-CEO of MOJO TV hitherto owned by Ravi Prakash, was arrested on Friday.

Her bail petition which was to come up for hearing on Monday was postponed to Tuesday.

She was arrested in connection with an SC/ST case filed by a participant on a programme on her channel, six months ago.

Revathy is married to acclaimed film-maker Chaitanya Dantuluri who directed Banam and Basanthi.

Speaking to greatandhra.com, Chaithanya said, “The Courts will decide the merits of the allegations against Revathy and we have absolutely no problem with that as we are law-abiding citizens. However, what I’m highly pained at is the manner in which they have treated us.”

Chaitanya then narrated the sequence of events on Friday which culminated in the arrest of his better- half.

“The police said that we did not respond to several notices given by them. This is not true. We made it absolutely clear to them that we were at their disposal and would appear before them whenever needed.

“We spoke to them over the phone at least 3 to 4 times prior to Friday and we have the call recordings with us.

“On Friday, they barged into our apartment and were very rude to us. They accused us of not cooperating with them, seized Revathy and dragged her barefoot from the apartment to the police jeep outside the gated community.

“I requested the cops’ permission to lock the apartment and accompany them. However, the CI seized our mobile phones, sent one constable to watch over me as I locked the apartment and handed the keys to our neighbor while they took Revathy away.

“I then went to the Banjara Hills PS where they detained Revathy the whole day in the name of interrogation before arresting her in the evening. Obviously, this was done so that we could not approach the Court for bail until Monday.

“As I’ve said earlier, the Courts will decide the merits of the Case but does this warrant the extremely rude treatment meted out to us? Could they not take her into custody in a civilized fashion?

“What was the need to treat a woman journalist in this way? How does it feel to have the privacy and sanctity of your house violated in such a barbarous manner?”

He further added, “I have given vent to my feelings in the form of the following lines I have written. As of now, they are the only solace for me”.

They came to My Home.
They behaved badly with my wife and me in My Home.
They behaved badly with my friends in My Home.
They took my wife and me forcibly from My Home.
And then they arrested my wife.

After five days, our daughter is still waiting for her mother to come home.
All our family, friends and relatives are waiting for her to come home.

Every empowering woman is waiting for her return.
Every thinking person is waiting for her return.
Every true journalist is waiting for her return.
Everyone oppressed is waiting for her return.

And I am also waiting for my wife in My Home.

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