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Opinion: What An Absolute Idiot

Opinion: What An Absolute Idiot

Chota K Naidu is another of those industry folks who thinks they are being different but in reality are behaving like absolute morons.

The Tollywood cinematographer kicked up a storm when he kissed Kajal Agarwal publicly on stage at an event and then gave an explanation later saying that she was like family and they had worked together for a lot of films.

“I only kissed her out of affection and there was nothing wrong in what I did,” said Chota.

When the entire country is being rocked by the #MeToo scandals, here is a dimwit who just doesn’t know how to respect the dignity of a woman in public.

Has he ever kissed the female members of his family in public before? Is she a woman or a commodity for him to behave with her as he pleases in public? Earlier also, this so-called professional behaved badly at an audio function.

The person who played the villain in that movie arrived for the function. He was a North Indian and Chota was the cinematographer for that movie. Going up on stage, Chota called him ‘stupid and useless’ saying he created a lot of delay for the film.

He may have been right but an audio function is not the place where you insult a person publicly. Just goes to show what kind of a personality this cinematographer is.

Maybe his insanity is due to the reason that he can’t string together package deals anymore for his nephew Sundeep Kishen where for example, they make a producer shell out Rs 6 crore for a film, complete it in Rs 3 or 4 crore and pocket the rest of the money.

Written By Kiran Sharma

(The author is a freelance writer. Views are personal)



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