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Man Or Woman: Who Is More Interested In Sex?

Man Or Woman: Who Is More Interested In Sex?

It is true that sexual pleasure is something that is enjoyed by both men and women equally. But who is more inclined to taste the pleasure is the question. Certain old texts say that women are more interested in sex but there is no scientific proof for that. Similarly, it is not statistically proved that libido is man's monopoly.

The surveys hardly let out any facts as the sample size is always either insufficient or cliched. So, this topic had sto be discussed on broader terms leaving scope for every possibility.

The widely accepted belief is that women generally tend to enjoy physical relations with only the ones they love. They cannot tend to get into one night stands for the carnal pleasures as per the wider belief. In fact, the subjects of nymphomaniacs who have abnormal hormonal imbalance, are different.

On the other hand men tend to get into physical relation even with strangers so easily as per their biological system and hormonal thrust. The men who have strong moral norms or lower libido levels, keep themselves away from one night stands but their nature never stops them from getting into it if they wish to.

The latest reports suggest that women can quickly turn on for sexual pleasure unlike men and they are more adaptable for new ways of making love.

To sum up, if a man decides to enjoy the pleasure it may end up as one sided thing. But if a woman decides it will be a two sided pleasure in majority cases.


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