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Lockdown Health Risks May Kill People

Lockdown Health Risks May Kill People

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people live across the world. Due to the restrictions imposed by the governments, people started sitting at their homes for longer hours than ever before. The number of employees who work from home has gone up.

These developments have brought sudden lifestyle changes. If we limit our discussion to only India, it has been more than three months the lockdown imposed by the government. 

People are habituated to sitting at homes and they are spending more time watching digital content on OTT platforms, TVs, and smartphones. 

People are restricting themselves to home-cooked food and avoiding fast food. The majority of the people completely stopped exercising whether it is intentional exercise or exercise as part of the daily routine.

Sitting long hours at home can wreak havoc on people's health. They are prone to cardiovascular diseases. 

People should exercise even if they are sitting at their homes otherwise their immunity will go down and their health is at risk. It is not at all affordable in the present scenario.

Watching digital content for hours together will cause vision problems, it will disturb sleep patterns as well. Watching/reading negative content, violence for longer periods can have an adverse impact on mental health as well.

Eating home food is healthy but only in moderate quantities. If we consume home-cooked food in excessive quantity for a longer period, it will surely spoil the health.

It is time to move on and adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating in moderate quantities, decreasing the watch time of digital content, getting back to the proper sleep patterns, avoiding long hours of sitting, doing at least small exercises. These changes will definitely improve our health.  

Otherwise, it is not coronavirus that is going to kills us but our unhealthy lifestyle. 

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