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Learn Indian Classical Music Online - Saamaveda

Learn Indian Classical Music Online - Saamaveda

Covid -19 Pandemic has freed many of us from hectic lifestyles. The other side of it -Loneliness & depression has impacted many. Uncertainty of this Pandemic has altered our lives. Though it has created many challenges, it also turned out to be a golden opportunity for many to understand & strengthen their abilities.

Our present generation is suffering the highest levels of stress regardless of age. Many of us have already realized and imparted Yoga, Exercise and Healthy Diet as a part of our routine. But unfortunately, we are still not realizing the real potential of "Music as Therapy", especially the significance of Carnatic Classical Music. Everyone has to either listen or learn Carnatic Vocal/Instrumental Music to reap the benefits of relaxation, ease the stress levels, and improve concentration - Says Mr Migada Venkat, Founder of Saamaveda Music Academy.

He further adds - We are one of the Best Online Carnatic Music Schools, highly rated for our teaching methodologies. All our course modules are affordable with flexible timings and home-based online learning. We have trained many students worldwide. Most of them aspire to write Government Music Exams or aim to become Professional Musicians. Our rigorous practice sessions lay a strong foundation for the aspirants.

For further details about our academy and the courses offered, do visit our website Saamaveda Music Academy - Online Music Classes | Carnatic Vocal

Beyond this, we aim to pass on this divine knowledge as hereditary of Indian culture for future generations. As a part of it, we have a proposed project to publish free music exam study material and a series of informative articles on our website blog: Saamaveda Music Academy - Online carnatic Music Classes | Blog

Interested students can also enroll for the special music courses at a minimal registration fee.

For more information: Register at WhatsApp +91 9866513521 for a Free Demo Class or fill in your details at Contact Us ( and our team will get back to you within 2-3 working days.

We wish everyone should utilize this opportunity and get benefited.

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