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Kammas And Reddys Thronging For MS In USA

Kammas And Reddys Thronging For MS In USA

In the past 10 days, a consistent flow of 5000-6000 individuals per day has been departing for overseas education through Shamshabad airport. This phenomenon is unparalleled in our nation.

The upcoming generation is essentially seeking a life elsewhere, which has been growing significantly in recent times.

Predominantly, individuals from the OC category, especially the Kamma community, constitute a large number in this category, while the Reddy and Kapu communities are in the next league, gravitating towards pursuing MS degrees in the USA.

Many of these students come from the middle-class segment and are resorting to bank loans to enable their children's overseas studies.

However, it's important to note that a substantial proportion of students who pursue education in the USA seldom return to India; rather, they find employment opportunities and establish themselves there.

This pattern of mass emigration has been steadily rising year by year for the last few decades, leading to the reality that almost every Telugu family has at least one or two members residing in the USA.


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