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Is Coronavirus Weak On Indians And Africans?

Is Coronavirus Weak On Indians And Africans?

The rate at which the Coronavirus got spread in India before the total lockdown is lesser when compared to that of many developed countries including China, Italy and USA. 

But as per a preliminary supposition, many thought that the virus will be conquering entire India considering its huge population matching to that of China and the poor affinity towards hygienic qualities among its population. But surprisingly, the rate was slow and even the fatality has been in single digit. 

The reason can be attributed to two reasons, say some experts from Washington. 


The immunity in Indian bodies has developed due to their living conditions amidst pollution and poor hygienic conditions. It can be considered as a blessing in disguise in Corona times.

The fundamental evidence is whenever the Indians themselves go back to their homeland from rest of the developed world, they fall mildly sick. They may catch either cough or cold and sometimes upset their stomachs.

They tend to live on bottled water for some days until they get adjusted to the environment. This is due to over hygienic living abroad for a long time. But the case is not the same with Indians who live in homeland continuously for decades.

They develop a natural immunity to fight some viruses. Despite Corona attacked some 500+ people in India, the death toll is 10 till now. 


The other reason is the climatic condition in India at present. It is tested and proven that the virus lives for lesser hours in hotter weather when compared to the places with cold temperatures.

Coming to the immunity factor, it is not just the case with India but look at the African countries those are affected with Coronavirus so far. 

South Africa with 400+ case (No deaths as on date)
Egypt with 300+ cases (14 deaths)
Algeria with 200 cases (17 deaths)
Morocco with 134 cases (4 deaths)
Burkina Faso with 99 cases (4 deaths)
Senegal with 67 cases (no deaths)
Nigeria 36 (no deaths)
Ghana with 24 cases (1 death)
Rwanda with 19 cases (no deaths)
Kenya 16 (no deaths)
Ethiopia 11 (no deaths)
Zimbabwe 3 (1 death)
Congo 3 (no deaths)
Zambia 3 (no deaths)
Sudan 3 (1 death)
Uganda 1 (no deaths)
Somalia 1 (no death)

Looking at this list, the least developed countries with poor living conditions are less affected. The places like Ethiopia, South Africa, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda are experiencing the cool temperatures of lesser than 25 and 20 degrees centigrade at present, but still the virus spread is not rampant.

This gives a theoretical evidence for higher immunity levels among these populations, which is shielding them from coronavirus. 

With all this observation, the doctors are saying in lighter vein that the over hygienic living may sometimes make human beings vulnerable to some pandemics.

Disclaimer: Whatever the analysis is, it is needless to say that it is mandatory and need of the hour to follow the instructions of the government and be at home by obliging the complete lockdown to stop spreading coronavirus. Let us all be responsible. This article is intended to erase panic and fear from people's minds but not to erase social responsibility.