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Indian-origin man killed wife to hide his homosexuality

London: An Indian-origin man in Britain, who wanted to hide his homosexuality, strangled his wife and burnt her body just months after marrying her, a court has heard.

Jasvir Ram Ginday, 29, is alleged to have attacked Varkha Rani at their home in Walsall in the British Midlands with a metal pipe from a vacuum cleaner, BBC reported Tuesday.

The Wolverhampton Crown Court heard that Ginday burnt Rani's body in a garden incinerator Sep 12 last year.

Police found the remains of the victim's body in the garden of the victim's home after neighbours saw smoke from the rear garden. 

The smoke was so thick that an angler at a nearby pool feared the kitchen was on fire.

Ginday told a neighbour that he had set fire to "general rubbish".

Ginday, a bank employee, has admitted to manslaughter but denied murder charges.

Rani, 24, married Ginday in India in March last year and moved to Britain to live with him in August the same year after being granted a visa.

Ginday initially told police that his wife had walked out on him after using him to gain entry into the country.

"His ultimate intention, the crown suggests, was to play the role of victim, safe in the knowledge that he could rely upon his married status as a permanent excuse for never having to have another relationship with a woman," prosecutor Deborah Gould was quoted as saying.

The trial continues.



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