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Indian Man Dies In New York Fire

Indian Man Dies In New York Fire

A 27-year-old Indian man named Fazil Khan tragically lost his life in a fatal fire incident that occurred in New York's Harlem on Friday. The Indian Embassy in New York confirmed his identity and stated that they are in contact with his friends and family.

"We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Mr. Fazil Khan, a 27-year-old Indian national, in a regrettable fire incident at an apartment building in Harlem, NY. The Indian Embassy in New York is providing support to Mr. Fazil Khan's family and friends. We are committed to offering all necessary assistance in repatriating his remains to India," the Indian Embassy announced on X.

According to information from the local fire department, the fire, sparked by a lithium-ion battery, erupted in a Harlem apartment building on Friday. The blaze resulted in the tragic death of Fazil Khan and left seventeen others injured, with numerous individuals displaced from their homes. Dramatic rope rescues were witnessed during the incident.

Local resident Angie Ratchford recounted the harrowing experience, stating, "The fire was on the upper floors, and people were seen jumping out of windows." Akil Jones, another resident, described how he and his father narrowly escaped the fire with just their phone and keys.

To flee from the flames, occupants of the St. Nicholas Place apartment building were compelled to jump or utilize the fire escape. Fortunately, a total of 18 individuals were rescued. Of the 12 individuals admitted to a nearby hospital, four remain in critical condition, according to reports from CBS News.

Following the tragic event, the Department of Buildings issued a 'full vacate' order, while the Red Cross is aiding dozens of affected individuals by providing temporary housing at a nearby school.

Fire Department Chief John Hodgens explained the severity of the situation, stating, "On the third floor, one of the apartment doors was left open where the fire started. The flames were so intense that they engulfed the doorway, blocking the stairwell."


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