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Incredible Cyber Monday deals related to Cricket

Incredible Cyber Monday deals related to Cricket

According to the global cricket market research results unveiled by ICC earlier this year, there are over a billion cricket fans and more than 300 million cricket participants across the globe.

The research also indicated that 90% of the cricket fans are from the Indian sub-continent while identifying USA and China as non-traditional markets with huge potential for growth.

The research found that technology plays a key role in the growth of the sport. The technology ranges from leveraging mobile applications for live-scoring to automated player statistics and analytics to cricket match live-broadcast. This is exactly where CricClubs has been focusing on for the last few years.

CricClubs is a US based sports technology company that boasts over 3 million users across 50+ countries. CricClubs is used by more than 85% of cricket participants in the North America region and is the official competition management platform provider for USA Cricket.

CricClubs offers cricket league and tournament management cloud solutions (free basic and premium upgrades) along with match live broadcasting technology and team apparel and equipment.

CricClubs is offering three incredible cyber-monday 2018 deals for Cricket participants and fans:

1) Custom Team Jerseys at $9.99 / jersey
2) CricClubs. com Premium Subscriptions at 50% off
3) Hotstar Annual subscription at 40% off

Details of the deals are as follows:

Custom Team Jerseys starting at just $9.99 + $25 off towards future purchase!

-> Minimum Order Quantity is 15
-> Order can be placed by sending an email to
-> Receive $25 off $150 towards a any other purchase with CricClubs between Jan 1st 2019 and Nov 1st 2019.
-> Additional $20 OFF for simply having another team take advantage of this offer!
-> Start the Order from here: Premium Subscriptions at 50% OFF!

-> If your league is not on CricClubs, visit CricClubs. com to register your league
-> All premium subscriptions are offered at 50% off for the first year
-> Submit your Premium Subscription request here:
-> Premium subscription costs after 50% off:
- Premium Look and Feel starting at just $25/yr
- Ad-free starting at just $90/yr
- Player communication module starting at just $50/yr
- Custom domain for league or team starting at $50/yr
- Custom mobile app starting at just $100/yr after a onetime fee

Hotstar annual subscription at just $60 + tax with CricClubs exclusive Promo Codes

-> Promo Code for USA subscribers: CCHSIWUS
-> Promo Code for CA subscribers: CCHSIWCA

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