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Don't carry fan rallies to US please!

Don't carry fan rallies to US please!

Be like a Roman, when you are in Rome – goes the popular adage. It applies to the United States of America as well. If we go to the US, let us try to assimilate with their culture, while protecting our own identity. Only then, we can have a peaceful life there.

After the unfortunate shoot-out at Kansas bar in which Indian American Kuchibhotla Srinivas was killed and another Indian and an American were injured, there have been several do’s and don’ts that have been in circulation among the Indians, particularly Telugu community in the US.

Some of the suggestions might be irritating to Indians back home, but they have to be followed for our own security.

As far as possible, let us not carry our fancy activities to the US that irritate the locals. For example, in India, we are used to taking out big rallies during weddings, public meetings, felicitations and fan rallies to eulogise our film and sports heroes.

We can get away with such rallies in India, but in the US, the locals treat them as nuisance. Yet, our people take out rallies when a film star or any other celebrity visits the country to participate in TANA or ATA meetings.

Though many US citizens might keep silent though they curse Indians for such rallies, even if one mad American gets irritated and fires at the rallies, there would be blood bath.

Similarly, in India, we get away with honking at high pitch on the roads, irritating the people ahead of us. But in the US, it may sometimes lead to court cases or even violence.

So, let us follow the culture of the US, when we live there and have a peaceful co-existence!

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