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Celebrated the life of Dr YSR at NATA Convention

Celebrated the life of Dr YSR at NATA Convention

Dallas: Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy followers have celebrated the life of Dr. YSR in North American Telugu Association (NATA) convention, Dallas, Texas on May 29th, 2016.  

Dr. YSR Foundation President Alla Rami Reddy have introduced the guests Dr. Prem Reddy, Dr. Lakireddy Hanimi Reddy, MP Peddireddy Mithun Reddy (Rajampet), MLA Gopireddy Srinivasa Reddy (Narasarao Pet), K. Rama Chandra Murthy (Sakshi Editorial Director), Prabhakara Reddy (Retired IAS), K. Srinivas Reddy (Senior Journalist), Gone Prakash Rao (Ex RTC Chairman) to the Audience.

AC Dr. Stanley Reddy, Core Committee Dr. Raghava Reddy Ghosala, Rajeshwar Reddy, Ramesh Appareddy, YSRCP USA Conveners Gurava Reddy, Raj Kessireddy, Ratnakar Pandugayala and Other leaders Venkata Medapati, Vasudeva Reddy have shared the Dias with the guests.

Over 600 YSR Followers from all over USA have attended this event including Dr. YSR Foundation Secretary Anna Reddy, Treasurer Vishnu Kotimreddy, Jt. Secretary Raghu Rami Etukuri and Jt. Treasurer Sarath Mandapati, BODs Anjan Karnati, Dwarak Varanasi, Kiran Kandula, Mallikharjun Jerripothula, Nanda Gopinath, Prabhakar Reddy, Rajasekhar Aila, Srikanth Penumada, Sudhakar Reddy, Venkatarami Reddy.

In his speech Dr. Prem Reddy remembered his college days spent with YSR and how he helped poor people after becoming a politician. He also remembered YSR’s USA visits and time he spent with YSR.

In his speech Peddireddy Mithun Reddy have remembered the days of Padha Yathra and how he remembered people and issues faced by them and took up so many projects as part of the Jalayagnam was a daring step.

In his speech Gopireddy Srinivasasa Reddy have remembered the helping nature of YSR and understanding the needs of poor people especially when it comes to health issues.

In his speech K. Rama Chandra Murthy remembered YSR and told the audience that YSR never tried to influence the journalists in any way and he never asked to write anything for or against someone.

In his speech K. Srinivasasa Reddy have told that he would go to any extent to help the people if he likes them or if they like him. Regardless of the party, religion, caste, he helped everyone including political enemies.

On behalf of the Dr. YSR Foundation, YSR award for 2016 was presented to Dr. Lakireddy Hanimi Reddy and In his speech Dr. Lakireddy Hanimi Reddy shared his personal experience with Dr. YSR and how he is related to YSR.

In his speech Ex-RTC Chairman Gone Prakash Rao has remembered daring decisions of YSR and the way he took the full responsibility of 2014 elections whether it’s a win or lose. 

YSR Followers were speechless when listening to the experiences of the speakers who are from different fields and everyone had high regards towards YSR. Other leaders Hanmanth Reddy(ATA), Girish Ramireddy (NATA Secretary), Ramasurya Reddy (Coordinator), Bala Indurti (NATA Atlanta Convener), Charan Reddy, Srinivasulu Somavarapu. Narayana Reddy Kasireddy, Mallik Bonthu, Anji Reddy, Radha Krishna Kaluvai, Subba Reddy Meka, Eswara Reddy, Srinivas Emani, Madhu Gonipati, Ravi Maraka, Janardhan Reddy, Chiranjeevi Reddy, Prasuna Reddy Dornadula have attended this event.

Texas team lead by Dr. Rami Reddy Buchipudi, Srinivas Obulreddy, Darga Reddy, Ravindra Arimanda, Uma Kurri, Ramana Reddy Kristapati, Narayana Reddy Gandra, Maruthi Reddy, Viswanatha Kichili, Tara Kumar Reddy and Other YSR Followers Vasudeva Reddy, Ramesh Reddy, Surendra Reddy, Srinivas Somavarapu, Hari Velkur, Kiran Gunnam,  Mohan Kaladi, Srini Vangimalla,

Bharath Reddy, Sathwik Reddy and Dr. Vijayalakshmi Appareddy have attended this event.

Rami Reddy has explained about Dr. Prem Reddy Dollar-to-Dollar matching program. Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy Foundation can help with any charitable cause in India and especially for the Water purification plants and Health Camps, Dr. Prem Reddy garu will be matching Dollar-to-Dollar. This was a great experience to all the leaders and now they know each other by face and have a common goal of keeping the legacy of Dr. YSR. 

Thanks to Dr. Rami Reddy Buchipudi, Bharath Reddy for helping with the arrangements. Thanks to all the audience for showing the affection and love towards Dr. YSR. Thanks to Narayana Reddy for taking great pictures and thanks to all the volunteers for helping.

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