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Big Fight in USA For Sona Masoori Rice

Big Fight in USA For Sona Masoori Rice

India took significant action on Thursday by ordering the suspension of its largest rice export category, a move that is expected to cut shipments by approximately half from the world's leading rice exporter. This decision has raised concerns about potential inflation in global food markets.

The government implemented a ban on non-basmati white rice due to a 3% increase in retail rice prices within a month, caused by substantial crop damage from delayed but heavy monsoon rains.

With India accounting for over 40% of the world's rice exports, any reduction in shipments may exacerbate the already escalated food prices, which were affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine last year and unpredictable weather patterns.

The ban specifically affects non-basmati white and broken rice, which constituted around 10 million tons out of the total 22 million tons of Indian rice exports in the previous year. However, the government clarified that parboiled rice, amounting to 7.4 million tons of exports in 2022, is not included in the ban.

This move highlights the Indian government's concern about food inflation, especially as it approaches a general election scheduled for nearly next year, showcasing the sensitivity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration to this pressing issue.

This latest move sent panic signals across North America specifically where significant Telugu population relies on Sona Masoori rice.

Many Indian grocery stores opened their establishments later than usual times and restricted 1 rice bag per family, however price gouged as high as twice per each rice bag. Many individuals stood in lines for over 4 hours to get a single bag of rice. Some rushed to Costco to secure Basmati rice bags and were seen buying more than 15 bags.

Seizing this opportunity some home builders in Dallas are offering up to 15 rice bags if buying a home from them!

Telugu families are especially concerned with the scarcity as they head into festive season in the next 3-4 months and are hoping that the Indian government will deescalate the situation quickly!


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