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Best Tips and Tricks to improve in Mobile Battle Game

Best Tips and Tricks to improve in Mobile Battle Game

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player striving to get kills and chicken dinner in PUBG, our PUBG-Mobile beginner's tutorial will undoubtedly assist you in improving your Pubg Mobile skills.

Because PUBG is a battle royale game, your primary goal is to be the last person standing at the end. You begin by leaping into the skies to an island with 99 random players, and once on the ground, you must seek out equipment like as guns, ammunition, and clothing.

You must then ensure that the other players are watching you so that they do not murder you, while also ensuring that you are in the safe zone. An area that steadily shrinks in size, resulting in constant motion and tension. Let's look at some survival techniques so you can improve at PUBG Mobile and earn chicken meals.

Always land close to a building
Indoor buildings: You'll find all of the equipment you need here, so land in an area containing houses, warehouses, and whatever else.

If you land in the middle of nowhere, then seek shelter in a building, where an armed player may be waiting to kill you.

Another thing to remember in these early games is to stay away from the most populated spots. Wait and leap when you realize that you can land in a calm built-up region if you see a lot of people landing in a given place. This allows you to collect equipment without being bothered by others.

If you want to practice this habit, its best to have another account for dummy training sessions. You can get PUBG Mobile account at bargain prices at

Find a weapon first!
This is one of the PUBG Mobile's secrets that everyone knows about, but only a few people use. Yes, collect everything, but keep in mind that the most important thing is to get a gun as quickly as possible. As soon as you enter a building, gather all of the necessary equipment. Getting a weapon is obviously your top priority if you meet another opponent the first time.

After that, you'll have time to explore what else you've collected and how each item might assist you.

If you're fast with more than one weapon, the best thing to do is figure out what type each one is and then choose the one you feel most at ease with, whether it's a rifle or a shotgun.

Each has its advantages, but while being the greatest option on paper, a shotgun may make you feel uneasy in a face-to-face encounter. Learning this is easier said than done though. If you wish to test your gun handling skills, you can purchase a high level PUBG mobile account to face tougher opponents.

Always be conscious of the zone
The action in ‘PUBG-Mobile' takes place in a secure zone surrounded by a perimeter that shrinks over time, so you must be mindful of it at all times, in addition to the enemies. You will perish if you remain outside the protected zone.

If you notice that the safety zone has narrowed at any moment, you're out and have something far away. To move faster, locate a nearby car. It's the greatest solution, but keep in mind that it'll make a lot of noise and make it easy for other players close to notice your position.

The High Ground is your friend
When facing an opponent, the best man may win, but if you have the chance to shoot other opponents from a high vantage point, take use of it. Any structure or mountain range is worthwhile. You have a tactical edge if you are taller than your opponent.

Running about the map in the open air is something you should avoid doing for this reason. Enemies They frequently take advantage of this and murder anyone they see fully exposed in the open.

Keep your headphones close
Audio is a crucial factor to consider in this type of game, and ‘PUBG-Mobile' is no exception. If you're playing a game like "Clash Royale" on the train or metro, it doesn't matter if you listen to the game or not; it won't affect how you play.

However, in ‘PUBG Mobile,' it is critical to consider what is going on around you. This means that if you're paying attention, you can hear the gunfire or the sounds of the vehicles and figure out where they came from, as well as hear the footsteps of the enemy to see if they're approaching and decide whether to engage in combat or hide.

A set of headphones is essential since they will ensure that you don't miss anything if you're not at home and there is commotion around you.

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