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'AWS, DEVOPS, HADOOP, DATA Science Training'

'AWS, DEVOPS, HADOOP, DATA Science Training'

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Online Live Interactive Sessions.

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- Amazon Web Services Training
- DevOps Training. 
- Big Data and Hadoop Training.
- Azure Training.
- Salesforce Training.
- Angular 4 & 5 Training.
- Node JS Training.
- UI Developer Training.
- Hadoop Administration.
- Scala and Spark.
- Analytics using R Programming.
- Data Science with Python.
- Software Testing Training.
- Selenium Training.
- Project Management Professional (PMP)
- Business Analyst Training.
- Database Concepts and SQL
- Core Java Programming.
- Python Programming.
- C# Programming.
- ASP.NET Training.
- IELTS Training.
- Spoken English.

At “LEARNTEK” we offer the best online live interactive training.

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Discount offer: www.learntek.org/offer

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Start Date: Monday, June 4, 2018.

Email: info@learntek.org
USA: +1 734 418 2465
INDIA: +91 40 40181306

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