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Authentic Homemade Indian Food By Shef

Authentic Homemade Indian Food By Shef

Homemade is the aroma of your childhood kitchen, the laughter around a family table, the taste of locally sourced produce; it’s memories, nostalgia, and tradition. It’s building bridges between cultures and people that make us whole.

More than anything, the power of homemade food comes from the love and care of those who make it, all opening their hearts to provide the gift of a homemade meal to you. There's no taste like home - Now you can explore what's cooking in your neighborhood and order homemade Indian food in Chicago, NY, NJ, Bay Area.

Our Shefs are aunties and abuelas, immigrants and refugees, stay-at-home parents and restaurant dreamers. Together, they represent the united food culture of India, from South to North, to East and West. And the best part? Shefs are your neighbors, passionate local cooks in your community who are doing what they love most — sharing their food and culture with you.

What makes our Homemade North Indian cuisines unique

North Indian cuisine more than any other Indian cuisine relies on long and slow cooking methods. Each state, from Punjab to Chetinnad, will have its own recipes and techniques.

We blend together so many ingredients and spices, and then let them sit and stew for many hours. This makes the flavors stronger and more intense, it also makes us put more care into our cooking because it is not something we just throw together quickly, it is a process. When we are not stewing, we are roasting over a charcoal-fire tandoor which gives a smoky, grilled flavor to our veggies, meats, and flatbreads.

What makes our Homeamde South Indian cuisines unique

Absolutely everything in South Indian cuisine is made from scratch. South Indian state Tamil Nadu — which neighbors the state of Kerala, the land of coconuts. Coconut is one of the most-used ingredients in the South.

Every state will use it in a slightly different way, in Kerala, they will make theirs into a milk, in Tamil Nadu, we will grind it into a paste — in the end, it’s the same ingredient, but the way it’s added makes a huge difference in the flavors that come out in each recipe.

South Indian meals are highly balanced, you will always have a carb, a protein, and a green. And every spice or green we use has a medicinal property to it — to help your brain, to strengthen you if you are sick, to aid with digestion — that goes back to generations of Indians before us.

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