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ATA Legal Help To Telugu Students

ATA providing legal help and guidance to affected students of Tri-Valley University

It was brought to the attention of American Telugu Association that a complaint was filed against Tri-Valley University in California by the United States attorney's office; hundreds of students of Telugu origin may have been victims in this matter. Reports also said that the federal officials have been looking for the university students and have interrogated many of them who could be located.

“American Telugu Association (ATA) has arranged help within the legal boundary and information for any students belonging to Andhra Pradesh if they are in need”, said ATA President Dr. Rajender Jinna . He also said, “We are in touch with the students of Tri-Valley University and giving them necessary assistance”.

ATA coordinators urged students who need help can contact Akula who is working with ATA to help in this regard.

Akula & Associates, a law firm based out of Dallas is working with ATA to help students who might be the victims of this federal investigation in providing proper guidance. Akula can be reached at 972-241-4698 by phone or by email at [email protected]