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Astrology: Your forecast for April 26 - May 2

Astrology: Your forecast for April 26 - May 2

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for April 26 - May 2.

ARIES: Your financial position is likely to improve this week. Old investments in land, property or any saving plan will give you profitable returns. There are also strong possibilities of an increase in income due to joining a new job or execution of a pending promotion. It is advisable to invest the additional money in a prudent investment plan. Some of you are likely to purchase a new vehicle this week. At times, your mind could remain confused which may hamper your ability to take timely decisions. You are advised to evaluate all options carefully and make the right move. Students should refresh their thoughts and start their preparations afresh to attain the desired results. Your health is likely to remain good, but do take a nutritious diet.

Tip of the week: Invest wisely in saving options

TAURUS: You are likely to face financial constraints this week. To avoid a financial crunch, you are strictly advised to stick to a fixed budget while spending money. This week there is a possibility that you may face challenges to complete your work at the workplace. But the good part is that your seniors will stand by you and help you in accomplishing the same. In this context, you are advised to share your problems with them and seek their assistance, if required. While planning your future goals, refrain from expressing your feelings to any household member or friend. Students may plan to go on a trip with their friends. Health will need attention as continued workload since past few weeks could take its toll and wear you down.

Tip of the week: Refrain from sharing your future plans

GEMINI: This week your courage and confidence will increase and you will be fully capable of taking every important decision. There will be an increase in your comforts as you will receive money from unexpected sources. On the job front, there could be instances when you may not be able to make full use of your skillset due to prevailing circumstances. Due to this, you may face some difficulty in advancing your career. At times, you will have to spend more than your accumulated money. Family environment will remain cordial and you will spend some quality time with your younger siblings. This is an auspicious time for students. They will be able to focus on studies and overcome obstacles. Health ailments relating to stomach and abdomen could bother you.

Tip of the week: Take timely decisions

CANCER: You need to understand that people around may not understand your concerns. Expecting more from them in this situation can hurt you. Those working under you will draw inspiration from your working ability. They will praise you and talk highly of you. If you had applied for a loan in the past, this week you will receive some good news on the same. Businesspeople can think of expanding their business as they will receive new opportunities to establish themselves in the market. Students preparing for competitive examinations may lack the confidence to achieve their goals. They are advised to work harder and burn the midnight oil. You are advised to give yourself some rest and take some time off your busy schedule. Stay away from exhausting yourself physically.

Tip of the week: Do not expect from others

LEO: You are likely to get relief from a hectic work schedule this week. This will enable you to utilise your time effectively towards your passion and hobby. In case you happen to commit some mistake at work then you are advised to accept the same, else it may not reflect well on your reputation. Learn from your mistakes and ensure they aren't repeated. Your parents will support you in getting rid of any issues that you may be facing. They will boost your morale and there will be happiness in your family life. Your younger siblings could see a change in job. Your relations with your spouse will remain average and you will have to work hard to maintain cordial ties. You need to be more vigilant towards your health. Maintain a regular workout schedule.

Tip of the week: Accept your mistake

VIRGO: You will feel physically and mentally stronger this week. Despite this, do not let the mental stress get the better of you, else it can lead to physical problems. Stay focused on maintaining discipline in your life. Those working in a government job are likely to receive transfer orders. For some of you, the going can be a bit tough as you may be asked to prove your worth in office. If you have completed your education and are looking for a job, then this is going to be a favourable period for you. Those of you working in the field of research are likely to receive growth opportunities from overseas. Family issues could bother you as health problems are likely among elders. Your own health needs utmost caution. Guard against any injury.

Tip of the week: Stay disciplined

LIBRA: You are advised to be open to learn new things. Do not over think and trust your creative ability. You are likely to get relief from financial problems as you will be able to overcome ongoing challenges with the help of lucrative investments made in the past. At the workplace, you may be asked to handle some important roles and responsibilities all of a sudden which can upset your existing schedule. But you are advised to take this opportunity as it will help in future growth. You may face some ups and downs in your family life. There could be some difference of opinion among family members on some issue which may upset you. But your relationship with your spouse will improve and bonding will get strengthened. Health issues relating to liver and abdomen must not be ignored.

Tip of the week: Be open to learn new things

SCORPIO: The earlier part of this week is likely to test your patience and management skills. There could be some health issues at home which may derail your plans for the week. At the same time, you will need to do multitasking in order to complete all pending tasks. You are likely to be a bit temperamental which can create some confrontation, both in personal and professional life. All relationships at this time will be tested. Overall, you will have some success this week but only after hard work. The health of your spouse could also be a cause of concern. Those single can expect to start a new relationship. Students who were thinking of going abroad, need to be patient and continue their hard work as success in around the corner.

Tip of the week: Control your temper

SAGITTARIUS: Your life is likely to see some positive changes this week. Some of you are likely to receive offers for a new job. Some of you may see inflow of new projects that will secure your job in the long term. For businesspeople, contract renewals and signing of new deals is on the cards. This is a good time to invest in gold, jewellery, house or land, which will lead to good profits in the future. Those unmarried are likely to tie the knot as this is an auspicious period for personal life. Married couples can expect addition of a new member in the family. Your family life will be cordial and your father will support you in all your endeavours. Relations with your spouse could have some untoward moments due to arguments. Health concerns relating to cold and cough can bother you.

Tip of the week: Park your funds safely

CAPRICORN: This week you are advised to conserve your energy and only focus on those tasks which are necessary. Be cautious in taking any professional decisions. This is a good time to connect with friends as it will make your mind happy and positive. Financially, this is a favourable time as your investments will yield good returns. Businesspeople can think of starting a new product line. Business in partnership will be profitable. Students can find the going tough and may need to work extra hard to achieve the desired results. Those awaiting interview results can hope to attain a high position with the government. The health of your mother could remain sensitive and may need urgent attention. Windy issues can give health problems, hence stay on your guard.

Tip of the week: Conserve your energy

AQUARIUS: This will be a favourable week for you financially. While your expenses will rise, it will be balanced due to an increase in income and you will be able to strike the right balance in your financial life. You are likely to land an auspicious opportunity to move ahead in your career. Some of you may be able to move abroad after a long period of delay. Students may not be able to focus on their studies as an active love life can hamper their efforts. They are advised to strike the right balance between their love and academic life. Your spouse is likely to witness growth in career and your mutual bonding will also increase. Family life will remain cordial and there could be celebration of a function at home. Health concerns relating to the head can bother you.

Tip of the week: Maintain balance in life

PISCES: You are suggested to enjoy every moment of your life and follow a dedicated routine, be it your personal or professional life. There could be some unwanted changes in your job which can impact your growth prospects. However, due to strong savings, your financial position is likely to remain comfortable. Some of you are likely to receive the green light to travel abroad for work or educational purpose. Those in business can make some new investments towards expanding their venture. There could be some family issues at this time that could upset your rhythm. The health of your mother can deteriorate and you are advised to remain cautious. Your spouse will remain supportive and keep the family environment jovial.

Tip of the week: Enjoy small moments

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)


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