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Astrology: Your forecast for April 19-25

Astrology: Your forecast for April 19-25

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for April 19-25.

ARIES: The planetary position this week is favourable for your career. You are likely to achieve a position of authority and a promotion seems to be on the cards. Those in business need to avoid any ego issues with their partner. It is the right time to expand your business. This is a good period to explore and undertake journeys as they are likely to pay rich dividends later on. Your love life will flourish. Your beloved will appreciate your efforts and feelings. However, you are advised against being arrogant and keep calm. Your children will be blessed with comforts and luxuries. They could achieve a significant milestone in their professional life. Students will attain tremendous results in their field. If they are appearing for any competitive examination, then success is indicated.

Tip of the week: Don't be arrogant

TAURUS: Some of you are likely to get an opportunity to move abroad. You will receive name, respect, and success in foreign land. You will be able to outshine your competitors. Any ongoing legal case can be decided in your favour. On another note, any unplanned expenditure can impact your finances. There is possibility of a transfer in the lives of working professionals. Those of you who have applied for a job may receive a favourable reply now. There could be some misunderstandings with your boss, so you are advised to remain calm and patient and tread this period cautiously. You will remain caring and affectionate towards your loved ones and will get support from them. Try to work on your immunity by eating nutritious and home-made food.

Tip of the week: Look out for sudden expenses

GEMINI: This week will bring prosperous results in your life. Your income will continue to increase, and your business will register profits. Your contact with reputed and distinguished people will be strengthened. This will help you move ahead in your life. As for working professionals, their relations with seniors will improve. You will outperform your competitors and your self-confidence will be at its peak. Your pending tasks will start getting accomplished now. However, there could be some problems in your love life. Your beloved may not appreciate your indecisive and unpredictable behaviour. In such a situation, you need to remain on your toes. There are strong indications of receiving gains from the government. You are likely to receive the support of younger siblings.

Tip of the week: Avoid any communication gap

CANCER: Your job prospects will significantly improve, and your efforts will be appreciated. To add to this, your authority at work will increase, and so will your income. Your business will see new growth avenues. There are also indications of gains through ancestral or family business. Those aspiring to seek a loan will be successful. Benefits through the government sector are also on the cards. Some of you may buy a new house or vehicle. Due to a hectic work life, you may not be able to spend adequate time with your family members. There are possibilities of a decline in the health of your father. If eligible, you are likely to find a suitable match during this period. Healthwise, you can encounter some problems related to teeth and eyes, so negligence on this part should be avoided.

Tip of the week: Spare time for loved ones

LEO: This week your popularity is likely to increase. You will remain in the limelight in your social and professional circle. People will reach out to you to seek your advice on their professional and personal life. This is also a favourable time for undertaking any journey, and you will get to travel to some faraway places. Your decision-making skills will surpass all. You will also be able to accumulate significant profit based on your hard work. Some of you can expect a transfer at work. As for those who own a business, their risk-taking tendency will remain high time. You are advised to remain cordial and polite with your father; otherwise, it can hamper your relationship. Bonding with your spouse needs to be strengthened. As for your health, many of you may get relief from any old disease.

Tip of the week: Be confident of your decisions

VIRGO: This week is likely to add to your stress level. There could be some monetary losses, and hence, you are advised to avoid investing in any new venture. There could be some unwanted trips, which should be avoided, if possible. In terms of personal life, your teachers, mentors and elders will provide you with the much-needed affection and support, which will be a source of happiness and joy for you. Some of you may also witness an addition to your family. Your father may also incur fiscal losses at this time and may need your emotional support. There could be celebration of an auspicious function in your in-law's house. Your creative tendencies will be high, and you may be inclined to learn something new. Take special care of your health as problems are indicated.

Tip of the week: Learn something new

LIBRA: This is an auspicious period for those in business and your venture will move forward progressively. Working professionals are likely to witness an upliftment in their career. This period will bring forth more than one source of income for you. However, on the personal front, there are possibilities of stress and conflict in your marital life. There could be some changes in the nature of your spouse which can lead to ego clashes between you two. Therefore, keep your calm and act accordingly. Some unmarried people could also tie the knot now. You may receive the support of your elder siblings on crucial family matters. Your health will remain favourable; however, there are possibilities of minor physical problems troubling you at this time.

Tip of the week: Stay calm in personal life

SCORPIO: This is an excellent time for working professionals as they will enjoy the fruits of their hard work. You will develop your profile as an expert which will be appreciated by one and all. Your expenses are likely to remain controlled this week. This is an excellent time for those working in the government sector. Fate will favour your father and he could receive some recognition now. Journeys to faraway places are also on the cards. If any legal case has been pending, then it may be decided in your favour and bring you financial relief. In terms of health, you could face problems related to the eyes, abdomen and urinary tract. Hence, try and maintain a proper diet and increase intake of water.

Tip of the week: Focus on your strengths

SAGITTARIUS: You will now reap the fruits of your previously accumulated good deeds, as a result of which you will earn recognition and popularity. There are also indications of an increase in your current salary. Your efforts done in the direction of expanding your business are also likely to yield success. Getting associated with the government sector for work will be beneficial for you. There are also indications of a transfer in your job at this time. If your spouse is also a working professional, then they can expect growth in career. Unmarried people can face problems in their love life due to ego issues. Students will excel in their field of study. Those of you who had taken a loan or borrowed some money in the past will be able to repay a big chunk of the payment.

Tip of the week: Repay old debt

CAPRICORN: The atmosphere around you will turn positive, and you will enjoy these new changes. You will incur benefits through good relations with seniors. Working professionals are likely to get an increment in salary as previous issues will now be resolved. Simultaneously, business personnel will also enjoy a comfortable time. Your reputation will improve in society. There are high possibilities of you acquiring an ancestral property right now. However, on the personal front, you may be required to spend more time with your mother as her health is likely to cause worry. Your spouse will remain cooperative, and her support will be of immense help. Some of you can be prone to accidents, hence adequate precaution and care is required.

Tip of the week: Guard against injuries

AQUARIUS: This week will prove to be promising for your personal life and you will move forward on the path of progress. Your efforts will bring you success and your partner's luck will be responsible for an increase in your fortune. This will bring you immense benefits. Short trips are on the cards for some of you which will prove beneficial. You will get the opportunity to meet new people, which will help in growing your business. Your work will speak for itself, and your work will be acknowledged by your seniors. Some of you might recover old debts or dues. However, there are also indications of your parents' health declining. You are advised to remain watchful in this regard. Those single are likely to find a suitable match.

Tip of the week: Look after your parents' health

PISCES: At times there could be a sudden increase in anger and harshness in your speech, both of which can affect your family life. You are likely to come off with flying colours with respect to any pending legal matter. You will be able to complete pending tasks which will give you a sense of relief and satisfaction. Those in business are likely to taste success in receiving a fresh loan. Students will go through a positive phase, and will be able to crack any competitive examination. If you are married, then the progress of your children will make you elated. There will be an inflow of new energy in your personal life, thus providing beneficial results in terms of relationships. Guard against anxiety and restlessness and practise meditation.

Tip of the week: Avoid rude behaviour

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)


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