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America Talk: How Biden Is Known In Indian Villages?

America Talk: How Biden Is Known In Indian Villages?

US Presidential Elections is not confined just to a nation but it has become the only topic in almost every part of India. 

What difference it makes for Indians with the change of government in the US? Or what doesn't? Forget about the Urban folks, now Joseph Biden, the newly elected President is known even in many remote villages of India. Why so?

It is known that many Indian families are connected to the USA as some of their family members are living there. Some of them are citizens, some are on Green Card and some working there on H1Bs with long term hopes to settle down in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Many of the Indian folks have their American grandchildren. Due to this, unknowingly the USA has become part of many Indians lives. 

Apart from this, the presence of social media and aggressive whatsapp forwards have brought more awareness with regard to the American elections. For the first time, many Indians have understood the election process and counting algorithm in the USA. 

Besides, Donald Trump's rough image vs Joe Biden's decency has made the fight more interesting. It's not Biden's victory but Trump's defeat has turned the heads of the world. 

Biden, who was considered old, weak and introvert all these years is embraced as a fighter with determination, strong to win and extrovert with the victory speech. Indeed, power gives the power to overcome all the weaknesses.

Biden's victory speech is so good to the Indian senses and many feel that he keeps up the pride of the POTUS with decency and respect. 

Another point to be noted is that the presence of Kamala Harris of Indian origin as the Vice President candidate is another interesting factor for Indians this time. 

Several memes, gifs, and short videos hailing the victory of Biden have been circulating in the Indian social media.  

There is one popular message in lighter note that has been widely circulating is- "Dear Indians- whatever be the result in US Presidential Elections, please remember that our President is Ramnath Kovind". 

Another one is- "Trump cannot enter the White House because it is FOR BIDEN". 

The bottomline is whatever the result be, the US election has bestowed much entertainment to the Indian folks on par with that of World Cup Cricket. 

Usha Chowdary

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