AP Students for UN SDG Summit - New York, USA

AP Students for UN SDG Summit - New York, USA

Recently, a remarkable opportunity unfolded for a group of students belonging to various Government Schools in AP, as they were invited to address the United Nations SDG conference in New York, USA.

These students will be having the privilege of discussing the strides made by Govt of AP to strengthen its education system and the various educational initiatives being implemented in the state. It's indeed a historic moment, as students from diverse backgrounds, including children of lorry drivers, farm laborers, auto drivers, mechanics, and economically disadvantaged families, are ascending the prestigious platforms of global organizations like the United Nations, World Bank, and the White House.

This opportunity arose during the United Nations High-Level Political Forum in July this year, where the Andhra Pradesh government showcased its Nadu-Nedu initiatives through arranging stalls. United Nations representatives who visited these exhibits were deeply impressed by the educational initiatives in place in AP.

They eagerly sought more information on initiatives such as school renovations, quality education, student accommodation, digitalization, and more. As a result, the United Nations extended an invitation to students from AP government schools to speak on the topic of 'Equitable Education - Education Access for All' in AP, highlighting the transformative reforms being implemented.

For the first time in India's history, students from a government school will have the privilege to speak at the United Nations. This group comprises ten students, including eight girls and two boys. The Department of Education meticulously selected these students based on their outstanding performance in state-level class 10 exams. They underwent written tests and communication skill evaluations. The team, led by Samagra Siksha PD B. Srinivasa Rao, with Nodal Officer KGBV Secretary D. Madhusudan Rao, and Teachers D. Vijayadurga and KV Hemaprasad, is representing AP at UN.

The arrangements for this trip have been facilitated by the AP government, in collaboration with United Nations Special Consultative Status Member Shakeen Kumar. Minister Botcha Satyanarayana and State School Education Commissioner S. Suresh Kumar are overseeing this journey from India, with the AP government generously covering all associated expenses. Pandugayala Ratnakar, the AP Govt Special Representative for North America, extended a warm welcome to the student group upon their arrival in New York to participate in the conference.

In his address, he underscored that the achievements of the AP education system serve as a beacon not just for India but for the entire world. He emphasized that AP's education model offers valuable insights into addressing global education challenges. Chief Minister YS Jagan, by giving utmost priority to education, has transformed into an exemplary leader for the new generation. Rathnakar expressed his delight at the opportunity to collaborate with this exceptionally talented group of students.

The students who are participating in the United Nations SDG Conference are: 1. Mala Sivalingamma (Father: Agriculltural Labourer) 2. Motukuri Chandralekha (Father: Autodriver) 3. Gundamugala Ganesh (Father: Farmer) 4. Dadala Jyotsna (Father: Security Guard) 5. C. Rajeshwari (Father: Lorry Driver) 6. Pasupuleti Gayatri (Mother: Labourer) 7. Allam Rishita Reddy (Father: Mechanic) 8. Vanjivaku Yogeshwar (Father: Cable Operator) 9. Sheikh Ammazan (Father: Agricultural Labourer) 10. Samula Manaswini (Mother: Homemaker).


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