Alphonso & Banganpalli Mangoes - Now Available

Alphonso & Banganpalli Mangoes - Now Available

To add to your food euphoria, India's most celebrated, aka, Aam, is back. Explore its varieties and how the tropical delight forms a part of everyone's daily meal.

Summer is a happy time with sunshine, long days, and yummy ice creams. And when it comes to summer, we can't forget about Indian Mangoes.

Did you know there are about 1500 kinds of mangoes in India alone? From the sweet Alphonso to the tangy Totapuri, Indian mangoes come in lots of delicious flavors and textures, making them perfect for mango lovers. Let's explore some of the most popular kinds of mangoes in India!

You can shop for authentic Indian mangoes in USA procured straight from Indian farms and delivered to your doors! Tis' the season of mangoes and we ensur you sink your teeth in the most sweetest variety of Indian Aam!

1) Alphonso: Known as the King of fruits, alphonso mango is highly prized for its buttery smooth silky texture and perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. It's mainly grown in Maharashtra but also found in Gujarat, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh. Alphonso mangoes are not only cherished locally but also exported worldwide.

2) Safeda/Banganapalli: These mangoes kickstart the mango season, gracing markets from April to June. Originating from Andhra Pradesh, they are known for their bright yellow color and slightly sour taste. What makes them unique is their fibreless texture, allowing you to fully enjoy every bite.

3) Kesar: If your kitchen is filled with the delightful aroma of mangoes, chances are you have Indian Kesar mango. Grown in and around Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Kesar mangoes are highly sought after for making aamras, thanks to their unique smell and saffron-colored pulp.

4) Pairi: Pairi mangoes, appearing from May to June, complement Safeda mangoes perfectly. Their reddish skin hints at their sweet and tangy flavor, often compared to pure honey with a refreshing sour bite. If Kesar mangoes are unavailable, Pairi mangoes are a popular choice for making aamras in Gujarat.

5) Langra: Despite its pale green skin and fibrous flesh, Langra mangoes boast an extraordinary taste. They offer a uniquely sweet and tangy flavor, detailed as a tropical explosion on the palate. Their juicy and slightly fibrous texture adds to the delightful experience.

6) Neelam: Neelam mangoes, known for their distinct fragrance, are available year-round. But it's the June harvest during the monsoons that truly brings out their tastiest essence. These small mangoes, with their orange skin, are a favorite in Hyderabad, known for their irresistible aroma and unique flavor profile.

7) Dussehri: Fondly known as the "chusne wala aam" (mango that can be sucked) by children, Dussehri mangoes are cherished for their sweet pulp and juice. Coming from the gardens of the Nawab of Lucknow in the 18th century, they are an integral part of Uttar Pradesh's culinary heritage.

8) Himsagar: Himsagar mangoes are loved by Bengalis for their fiberless and fleshy yellow flesh, perfect for satisfying their sweet tooth. Although their season lasts only four weeks in May, they are enjoyed in various forms, including milkshakes.

9) Totapuri: Recognizable by its distinctive parrot beak-like shape, Totapuri mangoes are favored for their versatility in savory applications. While not as sweet as other varieties, their flesh is ideal for salads or adds a tangy twist when paired with salt and chillies.

10) Chausa: Flooded in the markets in July and August, Chausa mangoes from North India and Bihar are known for their incredibly sweet pulp and vibrant yellow skin, offering a delicious end to the mango season.

Best Mango Dishes To Try This Summer

1) Dairy-Free Mango Ice Cream

Ingredients: Fresh and ripe mangoes, coconut cream, thick coconut milk, sugar, honey.

To prepare this creamy dairy-free delight, start by combining coconut cream, thick coconut milk, honey, and sugar in a saucepan, bringing them to a gentle boil. Let the mixture simmer for a few minutes before removing it from heat. While still warm, blend this concoction with fresh, ripe mangoes until you achieve a smooth paste.

Transfer mixture in a container and refrigerate it for about 8 hours. Once it is chilled, churn the mixture in ice cream churner until it reaches a soft, creamy consistency. At last, transfer the churned ice cream into a pre-chilled tray, cover it with foil or plastic wrap, and freeze until set. Serve with diced mango pieces for a refreshing treat.

2) Mango Orange Liqueur Cheesecake with Sugar Ball

Ingredients: Sweet biscuit crumbs, butter, cocoa, cream cheese, caster sugar, orange juice, Cointreau liqueur, gelatine, orange rind, whipped cream, fresh diced mangoes, gold gelatin leaves, sugar ball.

This decadent cheesecake begins with a sweet biscuit crust made by combining biscuit crumbs, melted butter, and cocoa, pressed into a springform pan and chilled. For the filling, blend cream cheese, caster sugar, orange juice, Cointreau liqueur, and gelatine dissolved in boiling water until smooth.

Fold in grated orange rind and lightly whipped cream. Add diced mangoes, setting the cheesecake with gelatine, and freeze until firm. Garnish with a sugar ball for an elegant finish.

3) Coconut Mango Oatmeal

Ingredients: Rolled oats, unsweetened almond milk, mango, shredded coconut, honey.

For a nutritious and tropical breakfast, start by heating unsweetened almond milk, then adding rolled oats and allowing them to cook. Stir in diced mangoes and shredded coconut, sweetening the mixture with honey. Once the oats are cooked to your desired consistency, serve the oatmeal warm, topped with additional mango pieces for added freshness and sweetness.

4) Mango Dessert Glass

Ingredients: Milk, cream, honey, cinnamon powder, mango pieces, mint sprig.

Begin by reducing milk and cream in a saucepan until it thickens. Add honey and cinnamon powder for flavor. Remove from heat and fold in diced mango pieces. Pour this luscious mixture into glasses and freeze until set. Once frozen, serve the mango dessert garnished with a sprig of mint for a refreshing and visually appealing treat.

5) Mango Smoothie

Ingredients: Yoghurt, Alphonso mango, milk, honey, mango ice cream.

This refreshing beverage is simple to prepare. Blend together yogurt, milk, ripe Alphonso mangoes, honey, and a scoop of mango ice cream until smooth and creamy. Serve the mango smoothie chilled in glasses for a delightful and rejuvenating drink, perfect for a hot summer day.

6) Mango Bircher Muesli

Ingredients: Oats, diced mango, yogurt, milk, honey, mango pulp, raisins, apricot.

To make this healthy and filling breakfast, combine oats, diced mangoes, yogurt, milk, honey, mango pulp, raisins, and apricots in a bowl. Allow the mixture to soak overnight to soften the oats and allow the flavors to meld together.

Before serving, mix well and top with fresh mango pieces for added sweetness and texture. Serve the mango bircher muesli chilled for a refreshing start to your day.

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