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TDF wows Deputy CM in phone-in program

Washington D.C, USA: There was no stopping Telangana Development Forum (TDF). Ever eager to connect with the Government and be the partners of development of their home State, the Telangana Non Resident Indians particularly from USA, UK, Australia and gulf region, on Thursday seized upon the phone-in opportunity to greet and congratulate Kadiyam Srihari, who was recently appointed as Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana.

The occasion, however, was not confined to that alone. The second most top government functionary faced a barrage of questions on important issues regarding the functioning of the government and was provided with useful tips and suggestions in the fields like education, irrigation, infrastructure, clean drinking water, power generation, health and sanitation, policing /law and order, so on and so forth in a program that lasted close to two hours and roughly had 600 enthusiastic TDF and Telangana NRIs hooked on. Needless to say, the attendance clearly surprised and delighted the Deputy CM.

Srihari said he was bestowed with a great responsibility by the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and that he would strive to excel in the position to the utmost satisfaction of his Chief Minister and the 4-crore Telangana people. “I never imagined to be part of the Telangana State Government under the dynamic leadership of KCR, and that too as the Deputy CM. It came as a pleasant surprise to me. I am indebted to KCR for this. I promise that I will be unflinching in my commitment to work towards making Telangana one of the most prosperous States in the country,” vowed the Warangal MP, who replaced the controversial Rajaiah in the non-constituted role.

Srihari, who has greatly been associated with TDF, and widely regarded by many within the organization as a friend, philosopher and guide in keeping with his association with the fastest-growing Telugu organization across the globe, took some time out from his busy schedule and answered many a questions with aplomb wherein he enlisted his Government’s approach for sustainable development in the newly-formed State.

He said that the TRS government is NRI-friendly and will involve every Telanganite in the development of the State. He was happy that TDF is taking up lot of initiatives in various fields, especially the ‘Sankalpam’ a token project, aimed at helping native handloom industry in Telangana. He assured that his government will encourage such activities and will extend all possible help too.

Projects like Mission Kakatiya, power generation/solar energy and drinking water to all by the government caught the imagination of the participants, who sought to know more details about the projects.

“Mission Kakatiya is one of the most ambitious projects the government has taken up. Nearly 9,000 lakes are being revived this year and we will take up all the lakes that were once the sources of irrigation and drinking water in the reign of Kakatiyas and Nizams and over the period of time neglected by the successive Andhra-dominated regimes in unified Andhra Pradesh. Every farmer and every concerned Telanganites including the TDF should step forward and adopt the lakes in their villages which will give a large impetus to the movement,” exhorted the Parliament Member-turned-Deputy Chief Minister.

“Tap water to every Telangana household will become a reality in coming 4 years. Water grids are being set up. Our Government is so committed on this that we will not go and seek votes for us in the next elections if we don’t accomplish the goals we have set forth in this regard,” Srihari said, and added: “Construction / renovation of Roads under Panchayat Raj is another area we are concentrating on. We have called upon the tenders and the project will be completed within a year,” said the TRS leader, who is regarded as the most experienced politician to be in the present Cabinet after CM KCR.

On the power sector, the lanky leader said: “We are having detailed reviews regularly and working strongly in this area. With our efforts, mark my words, Telangana will become a power-surplus State in the country within next 3-4 years.”

The Deputy CM promised the NRIs that TRS Government is willing to discuss about the various sectors of development during the ensuing TDF Global Convention (TDF Mahasabhalu) in Washington DC during July-August this year. " We are goin to have a wonderful opportunity in the form of TDF Global Convention to discuss in detail about the current projects and any new ideas. I am sure there will be more positives (from the convention)," he said. 

Talking about Warangal, the MP said he derives personal satisfaction from the fact that he was able to get the city, he was representing in Parliament, the ‘Heritage City’ status. He said plans are afoot to make Warangal as one of the Textile hubs in the country. I myself am in the committee that is studying about the feasibility and implementation of the program and I have been touring the cities that have textile industries.

More to come. Srihari, who came into active politics in 1985, said either Warangal or Ramagundem or Mancheriyal will have the State’s second airport after Hyderabad, according to norms of the aviation ministry. “I hope it will be a reality soon,’’ said the 63-year-old leader.

Speaking on corruption, Srihari said it was difficult to root it out overnight. “However, I can say with conviction that the Government under KCR, is in no mood to entertain the evil at any level. The message is already clear,” promised the former teacher, who advocated clean politics throughout his career.

TDF President, Vishweshwar Kalavala coordinated and moderated the call. Buoyed by the response and success of the program, TDF President, Vishweshwar Kalavala thanked all Telangana NRIs for joining in the call and said TDF will circle back the Deputy CM on government’s functioning and as well keep up the tradition of catching more politicians on a regular basis to create an atmosphere of accountability in public life, according to a statement issued here by Santosh Kakulavaram, Media Chair, TDF-USA.



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