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Behind The Scene: Just A Gem Of A Guy

Behind The Scene: Just A Gem Of A Guy

Jeweller on the run Nirav Modi does have his fans, we ought to tell you. They may not be people like us, but they surely are people like him. By which we mean the glorious one per cent of this country who seem to be above the law, thanks to their political pals.

Anyways, an SMS doing the rounds among the city’s champagne-and-diamonds set — and Modi’s pals – suggests that Modi must sue the Punjab National Bank for Rs 50,000 crores instead.

In point form, it states that “NM” has paid each and every Letter of undertaking (LOU) on the due date for past seven years.

As per the (news) papers, he promptly paid all suppliers, and Rhythm House and Priyanka Chopra.

According to the SMS, all this came to light only when his managers asked for the same trust and faith-based guarantee from the new manager.

“NM must have had the intention of paying else, if there was intention to cheat, why would they make a new manager aware of old things? The only fault is that NM has taken an LOU, which is like a bank guarantee without giving collateral. But this is not cheating money—this is simply a risk that PNB has taken”… and so on and forth.

Well, all we can say is thank god these guys are limited to just one per cent of the populace.



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