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Opinion: Sonu Sood! Why Kumari Aunty?

Opinion: Sonu Sood! Why Kumari Aunty?

Sonu Sood is known for his impressive acting skills on the big screen as well as being a good Samaritan when it comes to helping the poor and needy.

His support to the underprivileged during the Covid times turned the head of the entire nation towards him.

All is well, but certain acts he commits attract flak from the public. Just for the sake of some media attention, he does some acts which don't suit him.

Recently, when Sonu Sood was in Hyderabad, he went to Kumari Aunty's food stall. She is controversial for serving food on the roads and disrupting the traffic.

Moreover, there are allegations that she is not paying related taxes to the government to run her food business. Additionally, there are several allegations about her food safety standards as well.

In spite of all this, Sonu Sood met her to gain some mileage from this lady who is popular on social media. Whoever suggested this to him made a wrong decision.

Not only that, Sonu Sood is a pure vegetarian and also promotes veganism and vegan bodybuilding. But Kumari Aunty's stall is a non-veg center where meat is cooked with loads of oil and masalas. How can Sonu Sood associate his image with her?

Sonu Sood, the nationally acclaimed social servant during Covid times, has no reason or need to stoop to the level of Kumari Aunty and endorse her. I hope he doesn't repeat this in the future.

Usha Chowdhary


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