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Opinion: Is Telangana's Department Of Culture Sleeping?

Opinion: Is Telangana's Department Of Culture Sleeping?

We have a Department of Language and Culture within the Telangana State government, which aims to promote the rich cultural heritage, language, and arts of our state. Additionally, it is tasked with addressing instances where the Telangana culture is misrepresented disrespectfully.

Recently, films like  Dasara, Balagam, Anni Manchi Sakunamule (where in an irrelavant forced scene the Telangana folks demand for non veg food), Mem Famous and Pareshan have portrayed Telangana culture predominantly through depictions of liquor consumption, vulgar language, irresponsible youth and gluttonous mutton eating. 

While Balagam tells a touching story, it revolves around a crow feasting on food placed next to a bottle of liquor and mutton. Yet, this film can be exempted considering the plot point. It is not forced.

The other films mentioned here serve as unfortunate examples of forced misrepresenting Telangana culture, leading people from other states to perceive this as the sole representation of our state's culture.

Be it Nani who acted in Dasara and Rana who promoted Pareshan have gone completely irresponsible towards Telangana culture. In a way they are bringing disgrace to the region. 

Even in the film Mem Famous, we see only the irresponsible youngsters who engage always in drinking. Pareshan is also packed up with liquor and vulgar words. 

While it is understandable that such scenes may be included to suit the film's theme, excessive emphasis only on them poses a threat to the image of our region. 

Therefore, it is crucial for the Department of Culture, Telangana State, to take a proactive stance and establish guidelines in such scenarios. Relying solely on the Censor Board may not be the most prudent approach for our department.

Damodar Reddy


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