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Opinion: Directors' Power Behind Music Directors

Opinion: Directors' Power Behind Music Directors

Generally, the credit for the best music and songs goes to the music directors. But looking into the actual reality, it is the taste of film directors that brings out the kind of music from the music directors and that's not their original sensibility.

We know Keeravani is the court musician of SS Rajamouli, DSP for Sukumar and Thaman for Trivikram. Whenever these music directors score music for these directors the songs stand out to be extraordinarily good and they tend to become viral and continue to live with a long shelf value. But whenever these music directors score for other directors they just vanish like  smoke, leaving some rare exceptions. 

Showing one big hit, these music directors are bagging many films in line.

At this juncture, the talented directors like Rajamouli, Sukumar and Trivikram should be able to introduce new talent to the industry following the path of AR Rehman.

In fact, AR Rehman introduced a complete newness to Indian film music by introducing new playback singers. Audience got to listen to new kinds of voices and the new playback singers found their livelihood in the industry.

So, when there is nothing unique or no unbeatable greatness in the present day music directors and they are just scoring hits by the grace of directors, then why to rely only on them paying crores of rupees as remuneration. There are many talented young music directors and keyboard players trying for a break. The top directors should give them life. 

Samyukta Dantuluri


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