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Opinion: Chandrababu's Frightening Future

Opinion: Chandrababu's Frightening Future

The future of Andhra Pradesh former chief minister and TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu is frightening irrespective of his victory or defeat in the coming elections.

It is needless to say that the alliance of BJP-TDP-JSP is not gelling well as neutral voters perceive it as a weak force due to internal disturbances.

Keeping the ardent TDP sympathizers aside, the rest of the voters are more inclined towards the single-leader-run government, which is YCP. The surveys also indicate the same.

The pro-TDP media journalists are speaking highly about the alliance and emphasizing their victory in front of the cameras, but off the record, they are sharing their true feelings that the alliance would lose miserably.

In this scenario, let us analyze two situations: What if Chandrababu wins as per the assumptions of TDP sympathizers and what if he loses?

If the alliance wins, then CBN assumes power to sit in the CM's chair. But there is no guarantee that BJP would allow it to happen. They may say that a BJP CM would be sitting in the chair.

They are already dismantling the governments in different states and turning it to their advantage like in Maharashtra. The states like Karnataka and Telangana are also in line as per the sources.

When they do that to the opposition parties, why can't we guess that there would be a chance of BJP owning the CM's chair and the mantle to run the government?

Majority in the Assembly doesn't play any role here like what happened during Kumaraswamy's time in Karnataka last time.

Even if that doesn't happen, Chandrababu would be surrounded by Kapu leaders and their followers for the share of power. They may overshadow Chandrababu and show off their power in governance and law and order issues as they have been awaiting the exercise of power for decades.

Pawan Kalyan stated that his party and community have to support the weakened TDP when CBN was jailed. What happens if they are on the winning side? Chandrababu cannot control them.

We are seeing the protests of Raghurama Raju for not getting the Narsapuram ticket. In case the alliance wins, then leaders like RRR would demand Chandrababu to give any project they wish for. 

The Chaitanya-Narayana college owners are investing a lot in elections for TDP. If CBN comes to power, they would pressurize him to stop granting government schools as they posed tough competition for them during Jagan's regime. If CBN does that, then he would face backlash from the people. 

The people would demand all sorts of schemes which were promised by Chandrababu (almost double to that of Jagan Mohan Reddy in some schemes). If he fails to give, then he should face dharnas, strikes, and protests.

All in all, Chandrababu cannot rule peacefully. His power will be only for namesake, but his entire situation will be in the hands of different people and parties around. If he defies them, then he may have to face the anger of BJP which cannot be guessed how harsh it would be.

On the other hand, if Chandrababu loses, then it is needless to say that he needs to keep the yellow flag at the feet of the Saffron flag and kneel down. Or else he may have to merge the TDP into BJP.

Even if he doesn't do that, all TDP leaders except his own family members will jump into BJP. That way his political future will be shelved.

So by any means, the days down the line for Chandrababu look dark.


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