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Opinion: CBN's Worst Phase Of Life At Present

Opinion: CBN's Worst Phase Of Life At Present

TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu has been the most experienced politician who had a mark for himself in the political history of Andhra Pradesh be it for good or bad.

While his yesmen and some caste fanatics laud him attributing many good deeds to him, his detractors criticize him by pointing out his selfish acts.

Whatever it is, he enjoyed a great time in his past by boasting that he had the capacity to appoint the Prime Ministers and Presidents as well. But now he is seeing the worst phase of his life.

Here are a few reasons for that.

Politically Useless Son: Lokesh Naidu is politically useless for Chandrababu Naidu. It is needless to say that unless the successor is strong, the legacy of any film actor or political leader never continues.

Lokesh has exposed his ignorance and lack of political intelligence at every instance. He didn't even get elected as an MLA so far but sat in Ministerial Positions from back doors getting the nomination as an MLC when his father was a CM.

On a whole, Lokesh is the biggest reason for CBN's present plight.

No Trust: It is very hard to trust Chandrababu Naidu. The classic proof is the life of Sr NTR. When he trusted him he backstabbed him and grabbed the party. When Narendra Modi trusted his alliance, he backstabbed him again just before the 2019 elections.

Whoever trusted him had bitten the mud. His relation with anyone continues as long as he feels he is useful.

All these years he felt Pawan Kalyan would be useful to build bridges between him and BJP. But recently he discovered that Janasenani failed in his mission. So no one knows. He may backstab Pawan Kalyan as well.

Dependency On Media: The life of CBN dwells only in yellow media. He has been living only by maintaining his media channels and news dailies.

There  has been none in the history of India who relied only on the media to survive politically. But with the all pervasive social media today, the mainstream media is losing its power to continue the same kind of backup to CBN.

Several youtubers and social media activists are exposing the wrong projections of yellow media journalists making them laughing stocks.

No Confidence without alliances: CBN knows that he's not self luminous. He always believed in seeking help from others. He never won any election as a one man army. Without alliance he feels suffocated and lost.

This is sending wrong signals to the public and making him look like a pygmy in front of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The neutral voters are not bending towards CBN as he's appearing like a weak wicket.

Every word is a lie: As Aristotle said, "Man is a bundle of desires' ', we can say "CBN is the bundle of lies". He took away the credit of establishing HiTec City in Madhapur from Nedurumalli Janardana Reddy.

He projects his historical backstab to his father in law as a political need for good. He keeps on telling lies and makes his cadre and media follow the same.

Gone are those days when people used to believe his lies. Now everything is exposed, and so the voters know how many lies he tells in a month.

By all means, CBN is going through the worst phase of his life which is very difficult for him to come out from this quagmire. The days for TDP down the line are not at all encouraging. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for Chandrababu.

PL Pinakapani


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