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Opinion: Black day in Andhra Pradesh

Opinion: Black day in Andhra Pradesh

I hang my head in shame as I heard the story unfolding. Today marks the rock bottom of humanity. A wife and a mother, a citizen of India, Geethanjali ended her life in the most tragic way.

A country where woman is worshipped as Goddess, a country where woman is many credits to her achievements, a country where many companies, organizations and for that matter states are run by women, yet a woman was humiliated with the most unsavory remarks.

Is this the modern India we envisioned, is this what our ancient scriptures taught us? NO. Our scriptures taught us, where woman is respected, the Gods make it their home!

A happy mother and wife that she was, all she stated in her media byte that she was thrilled of owning a home was fulfilled. Yet these brutal, vicious, savage, ruthless, sadistic, inhumane, perverted people took away a mother from her kids, a happy wife from her husband.

I don’t want to get into the politics but what happened is nothing short of a traumatic instance that would haunt in our minds for many days if not years. How can a society sustain and remain in peace when a woman is taunted and left to die. This is nothing short of blasphemy and we all should be ashamed at the least.

It's truly heartbreaking to hear about Geethanjali's tragic end and the circumstances surrounding it. The respect and dignity of every individual, especially women, should be upheld and protected in any society. It's a stark reminder of the challenges that persist despite progress in many areas. Let's hope for justice and a societal shift towards greater empathy and respect for all individuals, regardless of gender or any other factor.

I join alongside thousands of Indian origin people in praying and hope to see that Geethanjali rests in peace and hope to see the people who were behind this profanity are sent behind bars, irrespective of their caste, creed, political affiliation.

Sagati to Geethanjali! May her family get the strength in these enduring times!

Aditya, Dallas


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