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Open Letter: To Pawan Kalyan With Concern

Open Letter: To Pawan Kalyan With Concern

Dear Pawan Kalyan,

I am an admirer of yours. I live in the USA. My friends often recognize me more as a 'Pawan fan' than by my name. I used to take pride in that title, but these days, I find it burdensome to carry that tag any longer. There are several reasons for this, and I have been expressing my concerns to my friends. Now, I am taking the step to share my feelings openly through GreatAndhra.

Firstly, you have been advocating for the dethroning of Jagan Mohan Reddy. However, what are the reasons you have shared with the people? When demanding such a significant action, there needs to be a firm and clear articulation of the reasons. I have been waiting for a long time to see if you can list at least 10 reasons why Jagan should be dethroned. Please outline these reasons, starting from the capital confusion to poor infrastructure or anything else, in your own way. Convince the people that the problem is genuinely serious. 

Unfortunately, instead of presenting points to remove him from his position, you have been displaying anger and frustration that holds no gravity and ultimately attracting the trolls. This, in turn, upsets and hurts fans like me.

We have been equally trolled by both YCP and TDP groups because of your stance. I understand that Jagan Mohan Reddy being in power is a significant problem for Chandrababu Naidu and his party members. However, aside from them, who else is suffering under Jagan's rule? I want to know from you. Please convince me first to develop anger and frustration towards YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, as you express. 

If I am convinced, I will stand beside you forever and encourage fellow fans to join your mission. Unfortunately, so far, I am not convinced as to why people should listen to you with whatever you spoke so far and dethrone YS Jagan.

Your elder brother Chiranjeevi started PRP and merged it into Congress, which was disheartening. Now, you are running Janasena, but it feels like we are carrying the palanquin of another party leader. We are more interested in carrying your palanquin. Why haven't you made that possible even after these many years of starting Janasena?

Even Revanth Reddy, became the Chief Minister due to his firm fight with clarity. He stood up against the strong BRS government and clashed with KCR and KTR. His anger convinced the voters, unlike your anger towards YS Jagan. That is the point I want to convey to you.

Moreover, the biggest disappointment that almost made me hide my face for a couple of days is the result of Janasena in the recent Telangana elections. I don't know if you genuinely felt bad about it, but I was trolled relentlessly by my friends. Please convince me with what confidence or reason you made Janasena contest in those eight seats in the Telangana Elections.

I don't know if you are really serious about winning the AP election in April 2024. Nothing will happen to me or you if you lose. 

You will happily continue doing films, and I will continue my job and grow in my career. 

But the real losers will be Janasainiks. I pity them from the depths of my heart. They have been carrying your flags with a lot of hope for many years, but you seem to be killing their dreams. You never convince them as a leader but only order them as a monarch. That's the biggest problem. 

If you don't change your approach by learning lessons from the likes of Revanth Reddy and others, it should be understood that the end of days is nearing for Janasena.

Suresh V Tirumalasetti


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