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Insulting Girls Is Like Having Chai And Biscuit For You?

Insulting Girls Is Like Having Chai And Biscuit For You?

When you boast yourself as a patriotic film maker, you should be able to stand up to it in your behavior as well. But the people of your organization seem to be perverts and attention mongers who can stoop down to any level of disgraceful acts. 

You poke the fans' groups and social media handles by tweeting something that creates a tumult. You love to play with the senses and sensibilities of people around for no concrete reason or agenda. Stop this nonsense before you are branded as an online terrorist. 

Social media trolling is common with film celebrities and politicians who are in the public domain. But dragging a poor girl student from a remote village into trolling to mudsling on the government is highly abominable. 

When your organization is proud to be known for this kind of criminal activity, then fine. But projecting as a decent and responsible online media house with the nexus of some actors and actresses, and stooping down to insult a common girl is really abhorring. 

Insulting a minor girl student from a village by dragging her on to the social media trolling just for the sake of increasing the followers is like attempting a virtual molestation. 

Yes, you the producers of the recent patriotic film cracked some crude jokes on a minor girl who became famous by the virtue of her English learning. When the social media started hitting on your butts, you released a press note stating that it was the act of an irresponsible employee who was eventually sacked from the job. 

Who are here to listen to such insipid tea and soggy biscuit stories!

If you really feel that your biscuit has the power, then show your might by throwing your tweets on the issues like Jubilee Hills rape case as well. 

Hello! don't keep on dipping your biscuit in the chai. It would melt and break. 

Samyuktha Dantuluri

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