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Jagan flays false propaganda of TDP

Jagan flays false propaganda of TDP

Garla (Vizianagaram dist): In a vitriolic attack on Chandrababu Naidu and his friendly media, YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that false propaganda has been unleashed about the Income Tax raids trying to project them as a war between the Centre and State creating a false pretence of situation which is not there.

Addressing a public meeting here on Sunday as part of the Praja Sankalpa Yatra the Leader of Opposition has said that Chandrababu Naidu has been creating quite a scene on the recent raids on some business houses and his media has been projecting them as a Centre’s war on state.

There were I-T raid in the state earlier as well but Chandrababu did not react and when there were raids on my house and offices, they have given a sharper official version and now the issues has been taken to the cabinet as well.

A section of media has been protecting and projecting Chandrababu’s interests leaving all morals and ethics to wind. A recent survey had shown that YSR Congress will win 21 MP seats while TDP will get just 4 seats but the media did write it that way, instead has gone national and picked up the part of NDA and UPA seats, he said.

The IT raids were being projected as a an assault by the Centre on the state and his media has been playing the role of Goebbels in propagating Chandrababu’s lies time and again to make believe the distorted version.

People will teach him a fitting lesson and this false propaganda will not stand the public scrutiny. The governance of Chandrababu is laden with corruption, commissions and kickbacks with ill-gotten wealth which was used to buy MLAs from the other camp.

Chandrababu’s fears stem from the fact that he has stashed away huge ill-gotten wealth and distributed it to all the constituencies. When IT officials question him as where did he get the money to buy the 23 legislators, he would have no answer.  That is the reason as to why he is overreacting this time on the IT raids which is normal procedure.

Corruption has been rampant during the past four years and important works of public importance were not taken up. Some of the projects which were taken up by YSR still remain unfinished even for small patches, he said.

Jute mills in the district were closed down after Chandrababu took over and there had been retrenchment without paying any compensation, he said.

When we come to power we will take up Aarogyasri in the true spirit and see to it that quality medicare would be available to all poorer sections of the society, he said.

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