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Chandra Babu Is Pulling His Hair Apart: JC

Chandra Babu Is Pulling His Hair Apart: JC

Being the TDP MP from Anantapur, JC Diwaker Reddy made some sarcastic comments against their party leader and CM Chandra Babu Naidu. 

He said that Babu was virtually tearing his hair apart to figure out a viable solution to repay the loans of farmers and DWACRA women. 

Babu has been contemplating various ways day and night, said JC. It is a known fact that Babu promised to resolve the issue of loan waivers once he is sworn in as the CM. 

Though he signed the first file on waiver of loans, nothing much has happened ever since. 

The farmers and DWACRA women are waiting for loan waivers and the banks have put their foot down saying they will not waiver loans. 

So, Babu is tearing his hair apart, said JC. However, he added that there would be some clarity on the issue in a month’s time.

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